Private Investigator Training Books: Learn Detective Techniques and Processes

Private Investigator Training Books: Learn Detective Techniques and Processes

The following books provide helpful information on the subject of Private Investigation Training.  Detective training books are a good place to start if you are interested in entering the field of private investigation. If you’re already licensed and working in the field, reference books can be a great way to add to your knowledge and experience or to pick up a new skills. A good detective always knows where to turn to find the right information. Sometimes, the answers may be sitting on your bookshelf. Start building your library of reference books today.

PI School: How To Become A Private Detective – Private Investigator Training Book Description – Most detectives are ordinary citizens just like you – except they know how to locate information, data and how to locate people. And so will you after you read this book. A PI is only as good as his techniques, and PI School teaches you everything you need to know: surveillance, paper trails, interrogation and more.

Traffic Accident Investigators’ Manual: A Levels 1 and 2 Reference, Training and Investigation Manual

This private eye manual is a training and investigation manual for investigating, analyzing and reconstructing traffic accidents.  Learn how to investigate traffic accidents and prepare reports for clients.

Techniques of Crime Scene Investigation Interactive Training CD-ROM

This interactive training CD-ROM summarizes in layman’s terms the critical concepts that are detailed in Fisher’s text of the same name. This hands-on CD presents complex, scenario-based interactions within virtual crime scenes and offers activities and exercises with instant feedback that allows students and trainees to immediately determine right and wrong answers. Each section follows the outline of Fisher’s text, and contains short quizzes to instantly test comprehension. The CD also serves as an aid for court testimony, providing useful information for investigators, expert witnesses, and attorneys.

Covert Surveillance

Learn how to conduct covert surveillance investigations for your clients. Learn the methods used by the pros to conduct undetected surveillance and gather the information, photographs and video you need.

Death Investigation: The Basics

Training Book Info – Details the procedures used by coroners and medical examiners. Includes flow charts, illustrations, and sample forms, as well as current information on the diagnosis of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and procedures for the investigation of infant deaths. Primarily for new death investigators.

Forensic Anthropology Training Manual

Book Description – This new book focuses on the challenges and responsibilities of the Forensic scientist, the multidisciplinary nature of the work, and the international potential for the Forensic sciences. An excellent introduction to the realities of the profession of Forensic scientist. Trains in the description and analysis of human skeletal and dental remains. This guide offers a well-illustrated approach to osteology training, including: a concentration on vocabulary-building, the use of case studies, and a structured approach to skeletal analysis and report-writing. An excellent text for those considering the field of Forensic science.

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