Digital Voice Audio Recorders and Sound Recording Devices

Digital voice recorder

What is a Digital Audio Recorder?

Digital audio voice recorders can be used by private investigators and police officers for many purposes.  Private investigators can use digital audio voice recorders to record case notes, record witness interviews, and capture voices and sounds as needed during a surveillance mission.

When working as a private eye, you don’t always have the time to stop and write everything down. P.I.’s in old movies and TV shows often pulled out a handheld flip pad to jot down a few notes or facts when working a case. However, modern detectives are always on the go and their hands aren’t always free for writing.

For example, you may be on a long surveillance mission and your hands may be busy working with audio equipment, taking pictures with cameras, or driving a vehicle to follow a subject. Using a voice recording device will help you capture important notes and set reminders without missing a step, all while keeping your hands free to perform other tasks. Then, when you get back to your office, just replay the notes and transcribe what is meaningful to your PC, tablet or phone.

Voice recorders are great for those times when you don’t have a pen and just need to record some important information. Use recorder to capture ideas and thoughts on your case, record surveillance notes or set important reminders. Many of the latest models offer high quality sound, slim design for easy storage and concealment, one-touch recording and plenty of storage space to keep hours of data. Additional equipment for connecting to a computer or mobile device are often included.

This is one piece of equipment that we recommend for every private investigator, especially those who conduct surveillance and interview witnesses.

Important Note: Be sure to check your state and local laws pertaining to recording witness statements or other spoken statements. It is illegal in most states to record a persons voice without their consent.

Where to Buy Surveillance Audio Equipment

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