Private Investigator Associations and Investigation Industry Groups

Private Investigator Associations and Investigation Industry Groups

Private Investigation Associations are groups of private investigators that come together to share best practices, resources, and to discuss the investigation industry.

Associations are an excellent source of information and materials, training and education, and provide solid opportunities for networking with your industry peers.

Following are links to State Private Investigator Associations and investigation industry groups, and other specialized groups. Please visit the association’s website for the most current contact information.

State Private Detective Associations


  • Alabama Private Investigators Association (APIA) – Dedicated to bringing one voice to all investigator’s in the State of Alabama and common standards and training. The APIA’s website has information on members, association’s by-laws, committees, meetings, and contact information. The APIA lobbied to encourage the state to begin regulating private detectives.


  • Alaska Investigators Association – When we last checked, the Alaska website was unavailable.



  • Arkansas Association of Professional Private Investigators (AAPPI)
  • Private Investigator’s Association of Arkansas (PIAA)



  • Colorado Society of Private Investigators – This industry group was formed by a group of prominent Denver private eyes with the goal of elevating the private investigation profession. Visit the website to get information on membership, association by-laws, meetings, schedules, private eye resources and more.
  • Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado (PPIAC) – Established in 1978, the PPIAC is dedicated to developing and maintaining professionalism for private investigators in Colorado. The private detective association provides training opportunities and resources statewide. The PPIAC also serves as a voice for P.I.’s in the state legislature.


  • The Connecticut Association Of Licensed Private Investigators – Founded in 1999, the Association is a respected organization consisting of licensed investigative professionals whose mission is to assure that members of the profession provide the highest quality of service to individual, corporate, and government clients.


  • Delaware Association of Detective Agencies


  • Florida Association of Licensed Investigators – Established in 1994, the FALI is the largest association in the State of Florida. The FALI website provides up to date information and news on the private investigation industry, as well as an extensive amount of resources for existing and aspiring private eyes.
  • Florida Association of Private Investigators – A professional organization created to provide a voice for licensed professional investigators and related professionals within the State of Florida and throughout the United States. FAPI offers its members extensive networking opportunities with other experienced investigators nationwide, and a place to share referrals, questions, sources of information and more in a friendly, non competitive, yet professional atmosphere through our members only discussion group and forums.
  • Florida Certified Investigators – Florida’s Professional Investigator Certification Program
  • South Florida Investigator’s Association (SFIA) – Established in 1980, SFIA is the oldest active private eye association in Florida. SFIA is a resource for professional knowledge, contacts and current trends affecting the investigative community.


  • Georgia Association of Professional Private Investigators – An association of created to help educate members, enforce the P.I. code of ethics, and to establish trust among members and other investigative agencies in Georgia and the United States of America. GAPPI also educates members regarding legislative issues that directly affect the investigative industry.


  • Private Investigators Association of Idaho – A professional organization created to provide a voice for  private investigators and related professionals within the State of Idaho and throughout the United States. The Association offers its members extensive networking opportunities with other experienced detectives nationwide, and a place to share referrals, questions, sources of information and more in a friendly, non competitive, yet professional atmosphere throughout the state.
  • Professional Private Investigators Association of Idaho (PPIAI) – The PPIAI website provide information and resources for existing and aspiring private eyes.


  • Associated Detectives & Security Agencies of Illinois – ADSAI, formerly known as ADI is a state chartered, not for profit organization founded in 1933, incorporated in 1937 and organized for the betterment of the Detective and Security Professions.
  • Associated Guard & Patrol Agencies of Illinois – AGPA is an Illinois not-for-profit corporation located within Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area. The organization works to assist, advise, inform, and influence legislation at all levels of government.



  • Iowa Association of Private Investigators (IAPI) – A valuable asset for Iowa investigators and for the general public. Association members have access to multiple sources of professional benefits including continuing  education and training, publications, legislative monitoring, and networking among members.  The public can use the IAPI website to locate an Iowa investigator and to learn about the P.I. business.


  • Kansas Association of Private Investigators (KAPI) -A Kansas non-profit corporation formed in November 1992 and formally dissolved in December 2012. KAPI was formed to establish and perpetuate high ethical and professional standards and excellence of professional service in the private investigative industry in accordance with the association’s Code of Ethics.



  • Louisiana Private Investigators Association (LPIA) – Founded to promote and to maintain the highest ethical practices in the profession of private investigators.  The LPIA website provides information for existing and aspiring private detectives, member benefits, history, events and links of interest. We are a non-profit professional trade organization and not a licensing authority.


  • Maine Licensed Private Investigators Association (MLPIA) – Maine’s premiere association of Investigators representing licensed, bonded, ethical and professional investigators throughout Maine and New England. The MLPIA is actively involved in promoting ethical, professional conduct and business operation for the profession in the press, legislature and among peers in Maine and New England.


  • Professional Investigators Alliance of Maryland (PIAM) -Professionals who had common interests, goals and needs. The purpose of the Alliance included but were not limited to: Advancing the profession of certified investigators, representing the profession before the legislature, working to eliminate unreliable, incompetent and unlicensed individuals in the profession, and to promote and maintain the highest ethical standards, offering resources for continuing education. P.I.A.M represents private eye interests in the investigative industry in the State of Maryland.



  • Michigan Council of Private Investigators – Provides helpful resources for aspiring and experienced private eyes.
  • Michigan Contract Security Association – Works to enhance professionalism in the security industry through the establishment of standards, the promotion and promulgation of ethics and education, and to engage the political process for the good of the private detective industry.





  • Montana Association of Private Investigators



  • Nevada Society of Professional Investigators – The association works with the State of Nevada Licensing Board to confront unlicensed activity, educate its members regarding investigative industry matters, safeguard the general public, lobby, and set a higher professional standard among fellow Private Investigators in the State of Nevada.

New Hampshire

  • New Hampshire League of Investigators – The League is the only Association in New Hampshire for the Professional Private eye. The League provides training, networking and representation not only before the Legislature but on the Governor’s Advisory Board on Private Investigation and Security Services.

New Mexico

  • Private Investigators Association of New Mexico

New Jersey

  • The New Jersey Licensed Investigators Association (NJLPIA) – Established in 1955 to promote professionalism among licensed investigator members. The organization works to establish an open dialogue with the New Jersey State Police, promote education and training for PI’s and monitor and effect change in the NJ and Federal legislatures.

New York

North Carolina



  • Oklahoma State Private Investigator Association (OPIA) – Formed in 1984 to increase public and industry awareness, promote the interests and raise the professional standards of the Profession in Oklahoma. The association is dedicated to being an educational, social and political organization for the enhancement of its members. Since its inception, O.P.I.A. has been instrumental in protecting the private detective profession from unfair legislation and sponsoring legislation that is healthy for the industry.


  • Oregon State Private Investigator Association (OALI) – The state of Oregon’s premier investigation organization. OALI is not only the oldest, but also the largest with paid membership. The OALI membership consists of investigative professionals and associates, whose mission since 1983 has been to promote a standard of excellence among individual detectives, enhance public confidence in the profession, provide training and represent the industry in public and political forums.

Rhode Island

  • Licensed Private Detectives Association of Rhode Island (LPDARI) – Formed in 1998 by a group of professionals to provide networking and education opportunities for private detectives. The association had grown into an informational association that works hard to influence legislation that benefits the private detective profession in the state.


  • Tennessee Professional Investigators Associations (TPIA) – TPIA was created exclusively for PI’s in the state of Tennessee. The association represents the interests of private eyes in the state legislature and provides training and eduction resources for its members.
  • Tennessee Association of Licensed Private Investigator (TALPI) – A self-regulating group of independent, professional P.I.’s who work to increase awareness and educate the public about investigative services in Tennessee. TALPI offers information about ground breaking research methods and technology through continuing education courses and monthly meetings.



  • Private Investigators Association of Utah (PIAU) – The PIAU provides helpful information for existing and aspiring P.I.’s. Visit the website to get the latest information and news about what is happening in the private detective industry in the state of Utah.



  • Private Investigators Association of Virginia (PIAVA) – A professional association registered with the Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) in Virginia. Membership in the Association is also available to P.I’a that are licensed in states other than Virginia; and to individuals who work in areas related to the security industry. PIAVA is a network of investigative personnel and security industry professionals. PIAVA members share information, resources and business opportunities
  • Coalition of Virginia Private Investigators & Security Association
  • Virginia Security Association
  • The Professional Investigators and Security Association (PISA)


  • Washington Association of Licensed Investigators (WALI) – Formed in 1997, The WALI is a non-profit organization by a group of Washington State private eyes. The association provides an educational forum for P.I.’s throughout the State that improves the skills and the level of professionalism of those in the industry. The association also provides networking opportunities and hosts educational meetings and also promotes a variety of PI conferences.
  • Pacific Northwest Association of Investigators – A professional organization incorporated in the state of Washington in 1947


  • Professional Association of Wisconsin Licensed Investigators

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