Private Investigator and Police Officer Resources

The Private Investigator and Police Officer Resources category contains an extensive collection of research tools, how-to articles and reference information. The content is geared specifically toward those who work in the investigation industry. Whether you’re a police detective, a private investigator, or crime scene investigator, you’ll find something of interest.

In this section, we provide an overview of the online services and databases that investigators use to uncover data and information about people. The information is used to compile background checks and employment verification.

License plate

License Plates and Car Tags

So you want to search for a license plate? Before you start conducting a license plate search or set out to find vehicle registration plates, let’s talk a little bit about what...
British TV Detectives

Top Five British Television Detectives of All Time

List of the Top Five British TV Detectives This article provides an overview of the top five British TV detectives of all time. Mystery writers have perfected their craft...
United States Military

The United States Military: An Overview

On occasion, private investigators may land cases that involve brushing up against one or more of the branches of the United States Military. For example, a private investigator might be hired to...
Legal Research

Legal Research for Private Investigators

This article covers legal research for private investigators. Private investigation work touches many different aspects of the law. Private investigators and police officers encounter situations related to legal issues such as personal...
computer forensics

Computer Forensics Resources for PCs and Mobile Devices

Overview of Computer Forensics Computer forensics is a branch of digital forensic science that combines the elements of law and computer science. It involves collecting and analyzing data and...


What is NORAD? The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) is a joint military organization of the United States and Canada government that provides aerospace warning, air sovereignty, and defense...
intellectual property investigations

Intellectual Property Investigations

The phrase 'intellectual property' is often used in business and represents the legal right you have to your original ideas, innovations, and inventions. Intellectual property rights define the rights that an individual...
Insurance fraud investigation

Insurance Fraud Investigations

Overview of Insurance Fraud and Helpful Resources for Investigations The article provides an overview of insurance fraud investigation resources. Insurance fraud is any act committed with...
List of car research tools

List of Car Research Tools

How to Use Car Research Tools Private investigators are often hired by private citizens to conduct investigations related to vehicles. Vehicles may be involved for a number of different...
Promote Your Investigation Agency on Social Media

How to Market Your Investigation Services

This article explains how to market your investigation services using social media, advertising and private investigator directories How to Promote Your Private Investigation Agency on Social Media