How To Become a Licensed Private Investigator in Idaho

How To Become a Licensed Private Investigator in Idaho

Idaho Private Investigator Licensing Requirements

Currently, there are no private investigator licensing requirements in the state of Idaho.  A business license may be required.

Other special licensing requirements such as education requirements, experience requirements, examinations, and insurance may be required.  Check the state licensing website for more information.

Idaho Private Investigator Associations

Private Investigators Association of Idaho – A professional organization created to provide a voice for  private detectives and related professionals within the State of Idaho and throughout the United States. The Association offers its members extensive professional networking opportunities with other experienced investigators nationwide, and a place to share referrals, questions, sources of information and more in a friendly, non competitive, yet professional atmosphere throughout the state.

Although Idaho does not have licensing requirements on a statewide level, there are some cities which require a private investigator to obtain a license. We are now offering a certification program for investigators in Idaho and beyond. Individuals may now apply to become Certified Private Investigators through our associations program. As a (CPI), All applicants must pass an exam, undergo a scrutinizing background investigation, complete continuing education yearly, carry liability / errors and omissions insurance and a bond. The certification for Certified Private Investigator (CPI) is a registered trademark with the state of Idaho as well as the United States Federal Patents and Trademark Office ( Trademark currently being processed).

Professional Private Investigators Association of Idaho (PPIAI) – The PPIAI website provide information and resources for existing and aspiring private eyes.

Hire a Private Detective in Idaho

  • Hire a Private Investigator Agency in Idaho – To hire a private eye in Idaho, please visit our worldwide directory of investigation agencies. Our directory may also help you find an agency to sponsor your training and certification efforts, and help you comply with state licensing requirements.

Additional Information

Training Resources – Improve your chances of getting licensed by completing a professional degree program, training course, or home study course. Learn what options are available to get the investigative knowledge necessary to get licensed and begin your career.

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