How To Get a Private Investigator License in Idaho


Idaho Private Investigator Licensing Requirements

Currently, there is no private investigator licensing requirement in the state of Idaho. However, a business license may be required.

In addition, other special licensing requirements such as education requirements, experience requirements, examinations, and insurance may be required. Check the state licensing website for more information.

The Private Investigator’s Licensing Handbook: How to Get a Private Investigator License in any State

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Idaho Private Investigator Associations

Private Investigators Association of Idaho – The PIAI is a professional organization created to provide a voice for private detectives and related professionals within the State of Idaho and throughout the United States. The Association offers its members extensive professional networking opportunities with other experienced investigators nationwide, and a place to share referrals, questions, sources of information, and more in a friendly, non-competitive, yet professional atmosphere throughout the state.

Although Idaho does not have licensing requirements on a statewide level, there are some cities that require a private investigator to obtain a license. They are now offering a certification program for investigators in Idaho and beyond. Individuals may now apply to become Certified Private Investigators through the association’s program.

As a Certified Private Investigator (CPI), All applicants must pass an exam, undergo a scrutinizing background investigation, complete continuing education yearly, and carry liability/errors and omissions insurance and a bond. The certification of a CPI is a registered trademark with the state of Idaho as well as the United States Federal Patents and Trademark Office.

Professional Private Investigators Association of Idaho (PPIAI) – The PPIAI website provides information and resources for existing and aspiring private eyes.

Find Employment

When you’re ready to find a job, contact all of the private investigators and investigation agencies in your area to see if they are hiring. Here is a list of Private Investigators in Idaho to help you get started.

Additional Information

Training Resources – Improve your chances of getting licensed by completing a professional degree program, training course, or home study course. Learn what options are available to get the investigative knowledge necessary to get licensed and begin your career.

If you have any questions about how to get a private investigator’s license in Idaho, please post a comment below.

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  1. Hi,

    I am a licensed PI in the state of Oregon. What do I need to do to work in Idaho? I am moving there soon. When working with attorney’s does the state pay the PI’s or do the attorneys? Where can I find wage amounts.

    • Hey Holly,

      I run a small investigative firm out of Boise. Between myself and two other investigators we do offer full coverage across Idaho. I see that you’re planning on relocating here soon.

      If you’re interested, I would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have and if you’re looking for work, I would be interested in learning more about you given your current licensure. One of our investigators is actively licensed in Washington and we are in need of a PI who is licensed in Oregon as well.

      Feel free to reach out if you’re interested.

      Michael Harris
      Harris Investigations, LLC

  2. I am a MI Resident. US. Army Ret. Criminal Justice degree. Would like certification or information on being a PI in Idaho and acting in MI. Need reciprocity information etc. Have time will travel etc. Please contact ASAP.

  3. PIAI – Private Investigators Association of Idaho – Outstanding Network of Private Investigators Services, Communication, and Client Resources!

  4. The PIAI – Private Investigators Association of Idaho is a great association for private investigators not only in the state of Idaho but the entire US. The PIAI offers the CPI – (Certified Private Investigator) certification for qualified private investigators nationwide.

    Private investigators who wish to join the PIAI must meet certain requirements in order to become members. Background check and , private investigation experience are just a few of the requirements to join. Members must adhere to the PIAI Code of Ethics and undergo background investigations yearly in order to maintain membership.

    A trusted public resource, the PIAI offers its members many valuable benefits including:






    There are 5 different types of membership:






    The PIAI has been featured in several articles related to the private investigation industry and is well accepted across the United States as a trusted resource for clients in need of investigative services.

    Visit the PIAI for more information on membership & the Certified Private Investigator program.

    Member PIAI


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