When Parents Should Contact a Private Investigator for Help

When Parents Should Contact a Private Investigator
When Parents Should Contact a Private Investigator

When to Hire a Private Investigator

This article explains the circumstances when parents hire a private investigator to help protect their children.

If you have children, you´re probably asking yourself what this title is all about. As kids grow up, the concerns of a parent grow as well. Parents may wonder – Is everything ok at school? Is my child being bullied? Are the teachers at the school decent people? What about their friends, or babysitters? Are the parents of their friends safe?

Parenting is complicated and it´s also a matter of learning to let go. Children are people who need to find their own way in life, and sometimes that can lead to a messy situation, or things can go pretty smoothly. But, most of the time what parents need to know is that everything will be all right. In today’s world, it seems like there is a new risk, threat, or danger lurking around every corner. Whether it is public shootings, online predators, social media and internet risks, or drugs and abuse, the risk is real.

Worrying too much won´t help, however, and there are situations in which you won´t be able to investigate on your own. In most cases, responsible parenting and some good luck can go a long way. For circumstances where you’re not sure, hiring a professional can bring peace of mind.

List of Circumstances

Following are some circumstance where parents may want to consider hiring a professional to assist and provide expertise:

1. You’re hiring a nanny.
Baby sitters have complete control over your kids. What happens while you’re not around? How do you know if his or her references are real? What about the resume or CV, is it accurate? Does the babysitter or nanny have a criminal record or any negative history? In this case, a reputable private investigator can be a great way to verify the individual you’re thinking of bringing into your home. Be safe and make sure your kids are in good hands.

2. Red flags regarding your teenager’s behavior.
If you’re very concerned about your child’s safety and have noticed a sudden change in behavior or activities, or think your child might be involved with dangerous drugs, it might be time to consider consulting a professional. Spying on your teenager is the last result, but it could save his or her life if your child is truly in harm’s way, on drugs or spiraling out of control. Watch out for red flags such as changes in attitude, behavior, dropping grades, friends, injuries, etc. There is also a lot of information online on identifying bullying and how to recognize other serious problems.

Concerned about who your child is talking to?
Consider using a parental control smartphone monitoring application that allows parents to monitor text messages, calls, know their current GPS location, and monitor conversations on social media, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and more. If you want to learn more about a specific person, consider checking out their background.

3. Your child is planning a big trip.
Young people today are growing up fast. They want to see the world and do it all. It´s great they are so idealistic and have such a big heart, but you might want to verify who they are traveling with, who they are going to see, and who they’ll be staying with overseas. Even many of the volunteering organizations are a scam so these days it pays to be skeptical. Verify the organizations before getting ripped off, or before anything worse happens. This applies to those offering au pair jobs also.

4. International romance or online dating.
Let’s say your teenager is in love, and he or she met their sweetheart on a social network or online dating site. Maybe this person even lives in another country! Well, this is a recipe for disaster. Talk to your young adult about the risks for fraud and scam, and other crimes, and ask if it is okay for you to hire a professional background check company. In some cases, if necessary, it might be a good idea to verify the person without your child’s permission. If your child is communicating with a criminal, it’s important to know early. A discreet dating background check investigation can provide valuable evidence for safety.

5. Modeling opportunities or job offers.
If your child has just been offered a dream opportunity that seems too good to be true, you should be hearing alarm bells. Sure, it might be real and it is certainly exciting, but take time to put the brakes on, and verify the person or company is legitimate and reputable.

About the Author

Maria Taylor is an Investigation Analyst for Wymoo® International, a professional private investigation firm based in Florida, specializing in international background checks, private investigation, and complete due diligence. Visit the company website at Wymoo.com.

If you have any questions about when parents hire a private investigator, please post below.

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  1. I like what you said about paying attention to red flags in a child’s behavior. My sister’s oldest daughter has been having problems lately. My sister will probably look into hiring a private investigator if the problems continue just to make sure her daughter is making safe decisions.

  2. All good points! Parents definitely need to be more proactive in many cases with their children. It never ceases to amaze me how many parents do not do their due diligence with their teenagers and the other adults that they allow around their children. A big part of our firms day-to-day operation is spent educating clients about the need for private investigators and appropriately employing investigators’ talents.


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