Man Commits Suicide After Seeing Wife With Leonardo DiCaprio


Who was Andrew Stern?

Leonardo DiCaprio has inadvertently become the center of a suicide scandal involving a man named Andrew Stern, the late husband of a famous model, Katie Cleary. Stern committed suicide at a gun range in California on Sunday. Upon seeing images of his wife, Cleary, liaising with the award-winning actor at both, an awards ceremony and a nightclub soon after, in Cannes.

One photo shows Cleary dancing casually with the Hollywood star, with another showing DiCaprio kissing the model on the cheek. Cleary was also photographed with Entourage star, Adrian Grenier on the same night. Reports indicate that Stern and Cleary had been separated for a few months, with the former even suffering from depression.

A few weeks prior to the incident, Leonardo DiCaprio and Cleary were seen sitting together at the Cannes Film Festival in France. Later, Leo left the nightclub with Adrian Grenier. A source confirmed that DiCaprio was helping Cleary promote her new documentary, ‘Give Me Shelter’ which focuses on animal welfare and protection. The two were seen previously attending the Santa Barbara Film Festival, however, it is unknown whether they knew each other at the time.

No Overt Signs of Suicidal Tendencies

Another source explained to the publication, MailOnline, that Stern appeared to be in good spirits. In fact, he attended the birthday celebration of a friend in Beverly Hills the night before his suicide. Stern was in the company of around 15 people at a restaurant called DOMA. Stern had even posted a photo on his Facebook account, of him attending the event. Stern accompanied his friends to a popular Hollywood nightclub after dinner and appeared to be enjoying himself.

The next morning, Stern was found dead at a shooting range located in Van Nuys. Stern’s funeral was held in Los Angeles, with his wife, Cleary in attendance, along with a group of 50 to 60 people, including close friends and family of Stern’s. A statement released soon after by the Stern family, stated their remorse at the incident and intent to honor the memory of the entrepreneur.

Suffering From Depression

Statements made later by an anonymous source who claims to have known Stern for a period of ten years indicate that Stern may have been suffering from depression, as a result of his turbulent relationship with Cleary in the final months of his life. The source stated that Stern may have been a victim of OCD and depression, also consuming medication to counter his illnesses. It is also suggested that the medication may have interfered with the Human Growth Hormone treatments that he had undergone some months ago, causing the mental imbalance.

The source continued by stating that although Stern had always appeared to be positive, he was clearly heartbroken when Cleary filed for divorce in April. Currently, there is no evidence to suggest that Cleary is in any kind of romantic relationship with either Dicaprio or Grenier. The press caught the first glimpse of DiCaprio since the incident when he was photographed leaving his New York City apartment in casual attire.

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