List of Justin Bieber’s Arrests

Justin Bieber's Arrests
Learn about Justin Bieber's legal troubles.

This article lists Justin Bieber’s arrests and ongoing legal problems.

Arrested in Miami for Drag Racing, DUI, and No Driver’s License

First on the list of Justin Bieber’s arrests are multiple charges from drag racing in Miami, Florida. In the early hours of January 23, police arrested the pop star for illegal drag racing in a residential area, driving under the influence, and driving without a valid driver’s license. The singer was driving a yellow Lamborghini and was reportedly drag racing against a red Ferrari. The illegal race occurred in a residential area with a 30 mph speed limit, but the two were found speeding at over 60 mph.

Upon investigation, the driver of the red Ferrari was found to be artist Khalil Sharieff, a new recording artist with Def Jam. As a result, both 19-year-old singers were arrested and taken to a Miami jail. The Biebs reportedly resisted arrest. A Miami judge set a standard $2,500 bond, and he was released in about an hour.

A recent toxicology report revealed by the Miami police stated that Bieber was under the influence of marijuana, alcohol, and Xanax the night he was arrested. An officer stated that he reeked of the substance and was talkative and excitable during their interaction. Also, the police reported that Justin used profanities and insulted the police officers, and was “very cocky” (not a surprise, but also not a crime). The pop star showed apparent signs of intoxication, such as bloodshot eyes, dilated pupils, and a flushed face. Not surprisingly, Justin Bieber repeatedly failed the field sobriety test.

Arrested for Criminal Assault in Toronto

Add another one to the list of Justin Beiber’s arrests. Not long after the Miami incident, another wave of controversy hit. Bieber was slapped with criminal assault charges for attacking a limo driver in Toronto. While the incident occurred in December, the charges were brought to light in the last week of January. After a minor skirmish between the driver and Bieber’s entourage, the Toronto police department summoned Justin for an interview. However, he failed to appear. The police issued a citation and booked him for criminal assault.

Other complaints: In the past several months, Bieber also faced several other official and unofficial complaints. A Miami police report claims that some local police officers escorted the singer and his entourage to strip clubs in the city without prior authorization. He is also under investigation for allegedly egging a neighbor’s home in California, causing over $20,000 in damages.

A search warrant was issued for Bieber’s LA mansion, and his security camera system and iPhone were seized as evidence in the investigation. Neighbors in the Oaks community in Calabasas, California, also claimed that he often raced his expensive sports cards in the neighborhood’s residential streets. He also hosts loud parties in the neighborhood, leading to heated confrontations with his neighbors. No charges were filed.

Following the arrest and sudden downfall of Bieber’s teen heartthrob image, many residents in the United States took a stand to revoke his Green Card. After filing a petition with the White House and receiving over 100,000 signatures in a matter of days, the petition requested that he be deported due to his “dangerous, destructive, reckless and drug-abusing” antics. Owing to the large scale of the petition, the White House will be forced to respond but has not provided any official statement in response yet.

The N-Word Scandal

It seems as if there is nothing that the boy-wonder pop sensation can do to rid himself of his tarnished image. The singer was again at the center of controversy this year when two videos surfaced featuring Bieber making incredibly insensitive and racist remarks, using the N-word. The videos were shot long before the singer reached worldwide celebrity status but were embarrassing enough that the singer recently released two individual official statements apologizing for his behavior. Other news reports have suggested that there could be as much as 15 to 20 minutes of additional video content that has not been released.

Bieber’s second apology was released on June 5th; the apology made the pop icon’s remorse known, claiming that he was holding himself accountable for his actions and thanking his fans for their continued support. While the official statement sounds as if the pop star is genuinely apologetic about his actions, the laundry list of controversies and scandals he has been involved in since his rise to stardom seems to suggest otherwise.

Following the release of the two videos, which show the singer referring to the Klu Klux Klan and using the N-word expletive, Justin’s manager and hip-hop artist, Usher, has also publicly made a statement condemning the performer’s actions. However, Usher vehemently claimed that the videos had no true racist intent. Usher went so far as to defend the Biebs by claiming that while he had displayed his naivete through the video, he did not intend for it to be racist in any way.

Usher continued by saying that while Justin had made life difficult for himself over the last five years, comparing him today with the person he was before he became a worldwide sensation was unfair.

In a more interesting turn of events, information has recently emerged that Bieber was not content with issuing two personal apologies. Word on the street is that he was so embarrassed and saddened by the public reaction to the video that he sought out a priest to baptize him. Reports claim that the Biebs turned to a pastor named Carl Lenz and attended many church services and bible study programs. It has also been reported that the singer requested to be baptized in a private ceremony. The ceremony was said to have been conducted in a bathtub at one of his friends’ residences.

In an additional attempt to prove that he has cleansed his soul, the pop singer and entertainer recently shared a biblical passage on his Instagram account. The message reportedly displayed his new-found faith in Christianity, suggesting that his old ways might finally be behind him.

In addition, Bieber posted a video of himself cuddling with his younger sibling, including the hash-tag #family. During his father’s fortieth birthday, the singer took some time away from touring and the media spotlight to be with his family. While the heartthrob has managed to salvage his reputation slightly through his multiple public apologies, it does very little to erase the long stream of bad behavior during the past year.  

Justin has been at the heart of controversy on many occasions, including being called up on charges of drug possession, vandalism, and even alleged theft.

Feud With Lord Of The Rings Star Orlando Bloom

It is no secret that entertainers Justin Bieber and Lord of the Rings star Orlando Bloom do not particularly see eye to eye on things. The pop icon and the action-heartthrob Orlando Bloom were videotaped having a heated argument at the popular Cipriani restaurants in Ibiza, Spain. The argument is assumed to be over Bloom’s former girlfriend, the Australian model Miranda Kerr, which resulted in Bloom attempting to punch The Biebs. Issues between the two were bubbling for some time, with things finally coming to a boil in Ibiza.

The video footage shows Bieber and Bloom engaging in a heated argument before the “Lord of The Rings” star attempts a swing at Bieber, only to miss. Bieber’s entourage quickly stepped in and intervened before the matter escalated. Sources have explained that he initially approached a table where Leonardo Di Caprio and Bloom were sitting. He extended his hand to greet Bloom, but Bloom snubbed the pop icon’s friendly gesture. It is reported that baby Biebs took offense before offering a quip regarding Bloom’s ex-girlfriend, Kerr.

The latest incident is a long-standing alleged feud between Bieber and Bloom. In November 2012, Bieber was photographed cozying up to Kerr at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. It is believed that the two continued to exchange flirtatious messages – something Bloom was not thrilled about. Kerr and Bloom announced their break-up towards the end of 2013, with many sources claiming that Bieber had had a hand in it.

Following the breakup, Bloom was photographed on a date with Bieber’s former girlfriend, Selena Gomez, as the two attended Chelsea Handler’s comedy performance in Inglewood. Bloom and Gomez were again spotted together attending the We Day California Conference on March 26th.

Reports say that the incident at the Cipriani restaurant in Ibiza turned sour when Justin allegedly said to Bloom, “She was good, ” referring to Kerr. Other reports claim that Justin’s taunt was, “ Tell Miranda ‘What’s Up.’” While the precise details of the conversation continue to remain murky, what is clear is that there is certainly no love lost between the pair.

Instagram Taunt

Bieber continued to court controversy following the incident when Bieber took to Instagram, posting a picture of Bloom with his hand to his eye, with a look of weeping. Bieber later removed the picture without any explanation. However, he took a further step toward confirming his courtship of Bloom’s former girlfriend when he later posted a picture of her on his Instagram account before again deleting it.

The two posts garnered mixed reactions from the pop singer’s followers. While the spokespersons of all three parties, Bieber, Bloom, and Kerr, have been contacted, no official statements have yet been issued. The silence between the two suggests that both parties would prefer to downplay the incident in the media. It is still unclear whether either party is looking to resolve the issue amicably.

While both individuals seem to share some amount of responsibility for this particular incident, it does leave many of their fans asking, “Will the Biebs ever grow up?” Or, will he continue with his long line of run-ins with the law, childish and outlandish behavior, and generally continue to make a fool of himself? Only time will tell, but the trend suggests he won’t grow up soon.

Pop Sensation Refutes New Robbery Claims

Yet again, singer and entertainer Justin Bieber came under the media limelight for all the wrong reasons, with an investigation into allegations of robbery being conducted by the Los Angeles Police Department. Recently, the LAPD confirmed that it was investigating a claim made by a woman that Bieber had stolen her mobile phone. The woman claimed that he took her cell phone while she was attempting to photograph the teen heartthrob.

While the LAPD has not yet arrested Bieber or remanded him into custody for questioning, the pop singer took to the popular social networking site, Twitter, to categorically refute the allegations of the robber. Through a series of tweets, Bieber firmly denied that he had committed the crime, urging his fan following to ignore the rumors. He also provided a link to an article from TMZ that snubbed the same allegations. A member of the LAPD, Rosario Herrera, also confirmed that the charges being filed were only for ‘attempted robbery’.

Frequent Trouble with the Law

Since the Canadian pop sensation’s explosion onto the stage in July 2010, when his single “One Time” reached the Billboard Top 100 charts, Bieber has come under intense scrutiny for his off-stage antics. The investigation into the attempted robbery claims is just one more blemish on a list of charges.

Bieber’s first run-in with the law occurred in March 2013, when his neighbors accused him of reckless driving in the neighborhood. However, the singer was not arrested and paid no penalties for the incident. During a one-week trip to Brazil, Justin ran into further trouble when charged with vandalism. The singer was caught in a media whirlwind when photographs emerged of Bieber painting graffiti on a wall.

Bieber faced a one-year sentence for vandalism but avoided spending time behind bars by paying a hefty penalty. The singer was spotted exiting a brothel during the same visit to Brazil.

In January 2014, the singer again found himself in trouble for supposedly ‘egging’ his neighbor’s property. Police authorities obtained a search warrant and searched the pop artist’s home. During the search, the police discovered cocaine. However, no charges were filed against the singer, but his friend was arrested for possession.

A week after the incident, Bieber was arrested for drunken driving and illegal drag racing. Justin was found to be driving under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, and prescription medication, along with an expired license. He was released shortly after signing a $2500 bond. Just a few days after that arrest, he was once again caught by police authorities in Toronto for assaulting a limousine driver.

Near Deportation

The numerous charges and allegations that Justin Bieber amassed led to the initiation of a petition on, requesting that the singer be deported from the United States. The petition grew in popularity, gathering over 250,00 signatures from U.S. citizens. Although no action has been taken to date, the White House is required to look into the matter.

Since the petition was filed, he has also been accused of smoking marijuana on an airplane despite being repeatedly told by the pilots not to do it. While it is not expected that Bieber will be on trial for attempted robbery, he still faces charges of driving with an expired license and resisting arrest without violence.

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