How To Get a Private Investigator License in Rhode Island

How to get a Private Investigator License in Rhode Island
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This article explains how to get a private investigator license in Rhode Island. In addition, you’ll find information on joining a private investigator association and where to get training.

Currently, private investigator licensing in the State of Rhode Island is handled by the city or town in which the private investigator resides. Applicants who wish to obtain a private investigator license in Rhode Island must meet two of the following requirements:

  • Prior law enforcement experience
  • A degree in criminal justice
  • Five years of documented experience working for a licensed private investigator.

See also the state Law on private investigators.

Other special licensing requirements such as education requirements, experience requirements, examinations, and insurance may be required.  Check the state licensing website for more information.

The Private Investigator’s Licensing Handbook: How to Get a Private Investigator License in any State

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Rhode Island Private Investigator Associations

Once you obtain a license, we recommend that you join a private investigator industry association. An association is a great way to stay in touch with what is going on with state laws and regulations. In addition, many associations provide access to training and education opportunities. Also, the meetings are a great way to network with other licensed investigators in your area.

In Rhode Island, we recommend joingin the Licensed Private Detectives Association of Rhode Island. The LPDARI was formed in 1998 by a group of professional investigators to provide networking and education opportunities for private detectives. The association has grown into an informational association that works hard to influence legislation that benefits the private detective profession in the state.

Find a Job as a Private Investigator

If you already have a license and you’re looking for employment, we recommend that you view our List of Private Investigation Agencies in Rhode Island. Use the list to find agencies in your area. Contact each one to see if they have open positions.

Training and Education

Check out our list of Training Resources to identify the universities, colleges and specialized schools that offer private investigator training programs.


If you have any questions about how to get a private investigator license in Rhode Island, please post a comment below.


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