Get a Law Enforcement Degree and Start a Career as a Police Officer


The Department of Homeland Security is always hiring qualified people who hold a law enforcement degree to help protect the United States from terrorist attacks. A Law Enforcement degree or a Criminal Justice degree is usually required to work even in a support capacity in the Department of Homeland Security. A degree in this or related fields will qualify you to become a police officer, security officer, corrections officer or a probation officer.

When combined with specialized training, it can also make you qualified to work in more advanced areas of Homeland Security or counter-terrorism like computer forensics and other technical areas of specialization.

Getting a Law Enforcement degree is actually a good idea if you are interested in working in any field related to security, Law Enforcement, Corrections, or Criminal Justice.  If you want to have a lifelong career in police work, you will need at least a four year degree in a field related to crime or criminal investigation.

An education in the field can form the basis for more advanced study of criminals and criminal justice.  If you want to be a criminal psychologist, forensic technician, or a medical examiner you can use a Law Enforcement degree to learn the basics of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice and then learn more about your chosen area of study.  A Law Enforcement degree is a practical degree to have because you will almost always be able to find a job of some kind, especially in security or as a police officer.

Online Law Enforcement Degrees and Jobs

You can study for and obtain a degree online to avoid conflicts with your work schedule.  You can attend classes online at night and on weekends. Working online for a allows you to work at your own pace and take as many or as few classes at a time as you feel comfortable with.  If you are the type of student that works well independently, you can finish a full program fairly quickly.

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