Investigation Software & Apps

The latest private investigator software and mobile apps designed to help detectives conduct investigations, run online search reports, perform case management and complete business-related tasks. Also includes a review of how various investigative apps can be used on mobile devices to perform surveillance, gather information and data and much more.

GPS Phone Tracker Pro

Review of the GPS Phone Tracker App

Although tracking other people is frowned upon in some circles for the privacy issues it raises, most people would agree that it is a...
Case Management Software

Case Management Software for Private Detectives and Law Offices

What is Case Management Software? The term Case Management Software is the information management and workflow practices, procedures and requirements for managing legal cases, typically associated...
Mobile phone spy software

List of the Best Mobile Phone Spy Software Apps

What is Mobile Phone Spy Software? Mobile Phone Spy Software is a hybrid software and monitoring service used to track caller activity on mobile devices, tablets...

Lists of Lists

List of Social Media Networking sites

List of the Most Popular Social Media Networks

Before we get to the list of List of the Most Popular Social Media Networks, let's define what they are. Social networking websites are...
List of Teams in the National Football League (NFL)

List of Teams in the National Football League (NFL)

Overview of the National Football League Before we get to the List of Teams in the National Football League (NFL), let's cover a little bit...
state resources

State Resources, Data and Information for Private Investigators

This article provides a list of helpful state resources, data and information for private investigators. The state resources a list of state abbreviations and...
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