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The latest private investigator software and mobile apps designed to help detectives conduct investigations, run online search reports, perform case management and complete business-related tasks. Also includes a review of how various investigative apps can be used on mobile devices to perform surveillance, gather information and data and much more.

Realtime Spy Software

RealTime Spy

Monitor any PC from Anywhere This article provides an overview of a software solution known as Real-Time Spy. The software is designed to monitor activity on a computer. However, please note that we no longer...
Spytech SpyAnywhere

Spytech SpyAnywhere (Stealth Edition)

Totally Stealth Remote PC Monitoring and Surveillance Note: We no longer recommend the Spytech SpyAnywhere Software product. There are many more current and more powerful solutions available. Please see our article on Mobile Phone Spy...
GPS Phone Tracker Pro

GPS Phone Tracker Pro App

One of the best apps for tracking someone's location is the GPS Phone Tracker Pro. Essentially, this is a full-featured Android app that allows you to uses a person's own mobile phone to track...
Case Management Software

Case Management Software

This article provides an overview of legal case management and case management software. Case Management is the information management and workflow practices, procedures, and requirements used to manage legal cases, typically associated with the...
Disposable Email Addresses

Email Monitoring Software

Learn How to Use Email Monitoring Software to Record Messages Email monitoring software allows secret monitoring and recording of both incoming and outgoing emails on a computer or laptop. The software allows emails to be...
Urgent Detective Software

Urgent Detective Software Scam

Please note that we do not recommend Urgent Detective.  Based on feedback from our audience, the Urgent Detective service does not perform as advertised, and the company does NOT permit refunds. As a result,...
Serve Manager Process Server Software

Serve Manager Software for Process Servers

Process servers are professionals who deliver subpoenas, summons, and other court documents to individuals and/or businesses. Serve Manager is process server software, which is a form of case management software that is designed specifically to support process...
How to Use Google Translate

Google Translate App

Communicate in other Languages With Google Translate This article focuses specifically on the Google Translate App, which allows people from all walks of life, including private detectives, to overcome language barriers and communicate with people...

TrackOps Investigation Management Solution

Overview Trackops, LLC is a privately held company founded in 2006 out of Boulder, Colorado. Their primary product is a case management application called TrackOps that is designed to streamline the process of managing an...
Trustify Private Investigator Network

Trustify Private Investigator Network and App

Founded by Danny Boice, the Trustify Private Investigator Network enables people to retain the services of professional investigators by booking online. The technology platform allows you to connect with the experts for limited-time engagements, expressing...

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