Investigation Software & Apps

The latest private investigator software and mobile apps designed to help detectives conduct investigations, run online search reports, perform case management and complete business-related tasks. Also includes a review of how various investigative apps can be used on mobile devices to perform surveillance, gather information and data and much more.

mSpy Cell phone tracking software

mSpy Cell Phone Tracking Software

Overview of the mSpy Software and App for Tracking Mobile Devices mSpy is considered to be the most popular cell phone tracking application. The broad range of features and...
Encase Forensic Investigation Software

Encase Forensic

A Comprehensive Forensic Investigation and Analysis Solution for Managing Cases More Efficiently Encase Forensic Investigation Software is a case management software tool developed and distributed by the company Guidance Software,...

Hunchly Online Evidence Collection Solution for Investigators

Overview This article provides an overview of a web capture software tool called Hunchly that is designed for online investigations. The software is designed mainly to be used by...

CallerSmart App – Block Unwanted Calls and Texts

CallerSmart Overview If you're getting hammered with unwanted calls and text messages from telemarketers, robocalls and scammers, learn how to permanently block them with a new app called CallerSmart.

Use Zillow to Prepare for Surveillance

Zilllow is a real-estate marketplace application developed by one of the biggest online real-estate database companies in the world, the Zillow Group. According to Fortune magazine, Zillow successfully approximates the value of...
Realtime Spy Software

RealTime Spy

Monitor any PC from Anywhere This article provide an overview of a software solution known as Real Time Spy. The software is designed to monitor activity on a computer....
Spytech SpyAnywhere

Spytech SpyAnywhere (Stealth Edition)

Totally Stealth Remote PC Monitoring and Surveillance Note: We no longer recommend the Spytech SpyAnywhere Software product. There are much more current and more powerful solutions available. Please see...
Web browsers

List of the Most Popular Web Browsers

This article provides a list of the most popular web browsers, along with a brief overview of each and links to more information. What is a web browser?
Web design software

How to Setup a Website

Getting Started In this article, we'll provide an overview of web design software and web hosting to help you understand how to create a website. In addition, we'll provide...
List of Computer Terms

List of Computer Terms

List of Terms and Definitions for Computer Investigations Following is a list of computer terms that you might come across in a computer forensic investigation, along with a short...

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