Rapper Young Jeezy and His Repeated Trouble with Law Enforcement

Young Jeezy Rapper
One of Young Jeezy's many booking photographs. In this photo, he was arrested for several charges including false imprisonment, battery and making terroristic threats during a fight with his son.

The street life of a rap artist is often the subject of hip hop music tracks and Young Jeezy seems to be more than content to live the street life to the fullest. Popular for his heart thumping tracks and also for his philanthropic endeavors, the rapper is well known both inside and outside the hip hop music industry. As so many rappers do, Young Jeezy has been on the receiving end of serious criminal charges ranging from firearm possession, driving under the influence and drug-related incidents.

Frequent Encounters with Law Enforcement

36 year-old Jay Wayne Jenkins, aka, Young Jeezy has been in trouble with the law for almost a decade. In 2005, Jeezy was arrested in South Beach, Miami in association with an alleged shootout involving some of his friends. As a result, the rapper was charged with two counts of possessing and carrying a concealed firearm without permit. However, the police dropped the charges after two months of investigation due to a lack of evidence.

Two years later, on September 29, 2007, he was arrested by the Atlanta Police Department (APD) for driving under the influence (DUI). The arrest occurred after and oncoming taxi accidentally hit Jeezy’s Lamborghini. When police investigated they determined that he was driving under the influence.

In addition to these incidents, he was arrested twice in 2014. The platinum-selling artist and rapper faced two arrests in the month of January alone, when he was charged with domestic violence and police obstruction.

During the first incident, the police responded to a security alarm call at his girlfriend’s house in Atlanta’s suburban neighborhood of Alpharetta. The original purpose of the call was not criminal in nature and was considered to be fairly routine. However, when the police officers arrived on the scene and asked for his name, an altercation ensued. He became uncooperative and used profanity toward the law enforcement officers. His behavior led to the rap artist being arrested and taken to jail.

Young Jeezy’s Domestic Troubles

In September 2012, Jeezy and his son became involved in a heated argument. Witnesses alleged that Jenkins was choking his son and threatened to kill him. It was also alleged that Jeezy slammed his son’s head into a glass shower door and dragged into a bedroom to beat him up. During the fight, the rapper threatened to “put a bullet through his head.” Police arrived on the scene and the rapper did not cooperate with the investigation. Jenkins was arrested and charged with battery, terror threats and false imprisonment. He was later released on a bond of $45,000.

It remains to be seen whether his run-ins with the law will have a detrimental impact on his music career.

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