Find Sexual Predators in Your Neighborhood

How to find Sex Offenders
Learn how to find sex offenders in your neighborhood.

Does a Sexual Offender Live in Your Neighborhood?

Do you need to know how to find sex offenders in your neighborhood? This article provides information on conducting an online search. What is a sex offender? A sex offender is a person who has committed a sex crime. The National Alert Registry aggregates all of the sex offender records contained in the various state sex offender registries, providing a single database with nationwide coverage. Using state-of-the-art mapping, database, and e-mail notification technologies, National Alert Registry provides a simple yet extremely powerful suite of products to help you and your family be aware, be alert, and be safe.

The National Alert Registry (NAR) was designed to bring this information directly to you.  By conducting a ZIP Code search we will be able to notify you if a sexual offender has moved into your community and provide you with a profile of the sexual offender.

How do I find sexual predators in my neighborhood?

The National Alert Registry nationwide database of nearly 500,000 registered sex offender records can be searched instantly. Search results contain detailed information about offender in your area: names, aliases, photos, home addresses, and offense details. The National Alert Registry’s state-of-the-art mapping system provides detailed, high-resolution maps of all registered offenders in the area of your search.

How do I discover if new predators move into my area?

With National Alert Registry, you don’t need to scour the Internet or visit your local police station to get this information. From the privacy of your own home, you will receive RED ALERT notifications delivered directly to your email address each time our database is updated with new information that affects you.

What is a RED ALERT notification?

Though sex offender registration information is often available if you take the initiative and hunt it down yourself, National Alert Registry removes this burden and gives you peace of mind by instantly notifying you via email when our database has been updated with new offenders. Your customized Red Alert notifications will keep you “in the know” and armed with the information you need to protect yourself and your family from dangerous sexual predators!

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National Alert Registry Report

How to Search for a Sex Offender in Your Neighborhood

To use the National Alert Registry to Search for a sexual offender in a particular area, simply enter the address into the form pictured below and click on Map It.

Search for Sex Offenders Now

What do the sex offender search results look like?

Your report will include:

  • High-resolution, customizable maps centered on the street address you input.
  • The offenders’ home addresses indicated on the map.
  • Full Names, Aliases, and Addresses of the offenders.
  • Color Photos of the offenders (in most states).
  • A description of the crime committed by each offender.
  • The ability to check any address including schools, day care centers, and homes of relatives and friends.

Frequently Asked Questions about Searching for Sex Offenders using the National Alert Registry

How is the National Alert Registry database compiled?

The National Alert Registry aggregates data pertaining to convicted sex offenders from the various state registries. These records are catalogued in our database and made available to National Alert Registry members via our suite of online applications. These applications employ state-of-the-art database, GIS mapping echnologies, and e-mail alert facilities to keep our members informed as to the reported locations of dangerous sexual predators and other registered offenders. National Alert Registry relies solely on the reporting of the various state registries to maintain our database. We do not take other submissions to our database or alter the public records provided by the various state registries in any way. Our aggregating, indexing, and display technologies allow us the publish the offender data in a more usable form, but the offender data themselves are a matter of public record and are made available by the states in accordance with state and federal statutes.

Q. How accurate are the data in the National Alert Registry database?

There are several issues here. Firstly, it is certainly conceivable that an individual state sex offender registry may introduce certain errors into the National Alert Registry database. Typographical and other data input errors are always a possibility. As National Alert Registry does not intentionally alter the original public records in any way, we would reproduce defects in the source data. Most state registries are quick to correct such errors and as soon as the source repository is corrected, the National Alert Registry database is likewise updated. Unless National Alert Registry has made a formatting error in the display of the source information, it will be necessary to contact the originating state registry in order to have an erroneous record corrected. We are happy to assist in such situations. It is also possible that certain elements of a correctly-reproduced record may be incorrect. For example, a particular offender record may have a valid name and offense description but contain an erroneous physical address. It is important to understand that the reporting and verification requirements for registered sex offenders vary from state-to-state. Many states do not have the resources to verify the registration information provided by the offender. As such, it is possible for an offender to register with the appropriate law enforcement agency but provide a fake address. It is also possible that an offender may move from one location to another and fail to report this change of address to the proper authorities in either the original or destination jurisdictions.

Because of the shortcomings of the current sex offender registration regime, it is necessary to bear the above in mind and we encourage you to avail yourself often of the benefits of your National Alert Registry membership. heck the database often: local law enforcement across the United States are always working to keep these data as complete and accurate as possible!

Q. Which states are not covered by the National Alert Registry?

At the time of this publication (3 April 2006), data for the following states were not available: Hawaii, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota.

Q. Why isn’t this information provided free of charge?

The raw data contained in the National Alert Registry database are public records. These records are often available via the web sites of the various state police agencies or other authorized law enforcement entities. The existing online resources are extremely limited and often difficult to use. The National Alert Registry suite of online applications aggregate the individual states’ sex offender records, providing nationwide coverage in a single set of tools. The National Alert Registry applications provide sophisticated database searching technologies, plotting of sex offender locations nationwide on high-resolution maps with simple, dynamic navigation controls, and a real time e-mail notification system to keep our members fully-informed. In this day and age, it is unfortunately the case that dangerous sexual predators are a fact of life. Because of the concern of families across the United States, there is an incredible demand for the services National Alert Registry provides. In order to bring you these valuable tools, National Alert Registry must maintain numerous web and database servers and maintain our data centers and Internet bandwidth. The acquisition and compilation of the sex offender records and the development of our sophisticated applications are also quite expensive. Your membership fees ensure that we can continue our mission, providing you ever better service and products in the future!

Disclaimers:  The National Alert Registry does not make any representations that the information we make available is accurate since our Service searches and gathers compilations of public records that may not be accurate or complete. In addition, searches can be conducted with a number of variables and therefore we do not control the accuracy of the search conducted nor the data provided. Any data derived from our Service should be independently verified at the originating agency source prior to relying on same and should not to be used for any purpose described under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. All searches are subject to our Terms of Use and applicable law.

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