Peaches Geldof: The Tragic Overdose and Death of a Budding Star

Peaches Geldof

An up and coming TV presenter, model and daughter of British music mogul Sir Bob Geldof, Peaches Geldof was found dead in her apartment. This shocking incident came to light when she was found by her husband’s friend. Peaches went through a difficult childhood as her mother died from a herion overdose when she was just a child.  The 25 year old was found lifeless in her Kent home in the presence of her child. Her husband Thomas Cohen raised alarm when Peaches failed to respond to his calls.

He soon contacted a common friend in Kent who then went to her home to check on her. After having called the police, the news of her mysterious and unexpected death came to light. Her 11 month child, Phaedra, was also found in the home. In a recent interview, which proved to be one of her last, Peaches admitted that she had not yet made peace with her childhood and was still coping with the sudden and unexpected death of her mother Paula Yates. However, she was optimistic about leading a happier and promising life after the birth of her two children, one year apart.

The traumatic childhood

In 2000, when Peaches was 11, she lost her mother to an unexpected overdose. She described herself as being completely traumatized by the incident and often drew parallels between her and her mother. Then she faced a similar fate in April, 2014. While Peaches herself was not involved in any controversy, the fact that her death still remains questionable has sparked debate. Preliminary autopsy reports did not reveal any specific cause of death.

Response from family

Close members of the family hoped that Phaedra, Peaches’ younger child will not face any trauma owing to young age. The Sun reported that the baby may not be aware of his surroundings around the time of Peaches’ death. Her husband Thomas Cohen, a 23 year old musician was devastated upon learning the news of her passing and regretted that he was not in her presence. Her father Sir Bob Geldof is  heartbroken at the sudden demise and is currently spending his time with the grandchildren at a home in New Eltham.

Post mortem reports

The post mortem and autopsy of Peaches Geldof was carried out by the Dartford’s Darent Valley Hospital. The first report was inconclusive, leading to further speculations about her cause of death. At the investigation in her Kent home, the police did not find any sign of drugs, injury, struggle or suicide note. The police also investigated her country home, estimated worth around 1 million GBP for more evidence but came up empty.

Recently, the authorities confirmed that the body has been released to the family for  the funeral arrangements. It is believed that the funeral will be held at the St Mary Magdalene church in Davington, Kent where she got married. The same church also held her mother Paula Yates’ funeral in 2000.

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