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Package tracking tools
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Learn How to Use Online Tracking Tools to Track the Delivery Status of a Package

Investigators may rely on package tracking and delivery tools to enhance their investigative processes in certain situations. These tools provide crucial insights into the movement and status of packages, aiding in various scenarios. Firstly, tracking tools may help investigators monitor shipments related to criminal activities, such as drug trafficking or illegal trade. They can trace suspicious packages’ origin, transit points, and destination.

In missing person cases or criminal investigations, package tracking allows authorities to follow the trail of parcels associated with potential suspects. Moreover, investigators may utilize these tools to uncover patterns, connections, or anomalies in the movement of goods, contributing to the identification of criminal networks. The real-time information offered by these tools assists law enforcement in making informed decisions and executing timely interventions. Overall, package tracking and delivery tools are vital in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of investigative processes across various domains.

Online Package Shipping and Delivery Tracking Tools

Most of the major shipping companies provide a tracking number that can be used to track the delivery status of a package using online tracking tools.

In many cases, the carrier will also provide the shipping history so that you can trace the steps along the way. Packages are usually scanned at every major point during the mail stream. For example, the package is scanned when accepted at the mail facility, then when it arrives at the next facility (say, via a flight to the Memphis hub).

Then, it is scanned again when it arrives at the local mail facility and when the package is delivered. The number of transfer or check-in points along the way varies depending on the item, the carrier, the mode of transportation, and the destination.

How to Track Packages Shipped Via Major Carriers

United States Postal Service (USPS)

The United States Postal Service provides an easy-to-use end-to-end tracking online lookup tool. The site allows you to obtain shipping status for USPS Tracking, Priority Mail, Certified Mail, Global Express Guaranteed, Priority Mail Express, and international, Registered Mail, and Signature Confirmation services.

It can be found in several places if you are unsure where your tracking number is. If you visit the post office in person, you’ll get a receipt for the items you shipped. The tracking number will be on the receipt. Also, if you purchased insurance for the items, the number will be on the sales receipt for the insurance. Additionally, the number will be on the bottom peel-off portion of your tracking label.

If you ship items using, the number will be in your confirmation email. 

If you need additional help, the Postal Service website guides you on the proper format of the number to be entered. Once you locate the number, enter the number in the search box and click the Find button.

USPS Informed Delivery Service

The Postal Service has a new Informed Delivery service, allowing you to track packages automatically. You can use it to set up email and text status alerts, so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of locating and entering the tracking number. In addition, you can use the service to view images of incoming mail and even leave delivery instructions for your carrier. Learn more and sign up on the website.

Updates Via Text or App

Many of the same services are also available via text messaging, telephone, and smartphone apps. For example, the United States Post Office allows you to send a text to 28777 (2USPS), along with your tracking number as the content of the message. The details will be provided in return text messages.

The USPS can also send text updates for future activity on any tracking numbers you have previously submitted or will submit. Text the word ALL to 28777 (2USPS) to activate the feature. Text the word STOP to turn it off.

To obtain the information via a smartphone, download and install the USPS Mobile App. Tracking status and information can also be obtained via phone by calling 1-800-222-1811.


You can use the DHL tracking form to track the delivery status of a package sent via its service. It provides the real-time status of an item anywhere in the delivery network. Just click on the link below to visit their website. Then, select the Shipment Type and enter up to 10 different numbers.

It is important to note that your shipment may pass through multiple states on its way to the intended destination. So, if you see that the package isn’t where you expect it to be, you can see that it is on its way to the correct location.

You’ll have to contact their customer service hotline for assistance if you don’t have the number.

FedEx Shipments

Federal Express / FedEx – Visit this website if you need to know the delivery status of a shipment from FedEx. On this website, you can trace by number, any reference number associated with your order, or Transaction Control Number (TCN). You can enter up to 30 numbers if you need updates on multiple deliveries.

If the package has already been delivered, you can get proof of delivery and an image of the recipient’s signature.

FedEx also has a mobile app that allows you to get alerts on shipping and delivered packages, create new shipments, and more. Learn more about the FedEx Mobile App.

United Parcel Service (UPS)

The United Parcel Service (UPS) package tracking form is an online tool provided by UPS that allows customers to monitor the status and location of their shipped packages in real time. Here’s a general explanation of how the UPS package tracking form works:

  • Tracking Number Entry: Customers need the unique tracking number assigned to their shipment to track a package. This number is usually provided by UPS when the sender initiates the shipping process.
  • Entering Tracking Number: In the “Tracking” section, customers will find a designated field to enter their tracking number. They need to input the alphanumeric code accurately.
  • Initiating the Search: After entering the tracking number, users initiate the search by clicking on the designated button, often labeled as “Track” or “Find.”
  • Real-Time Tracking Information: The UPS package tracking form retrieves real-time information about the package. Users can view details such as the package’s current location, transit history, estimated delivery date, and any exceptions or delays encountered during shipping.
  • Status Updates: The tracking form provides status updates as the package moves through different stages of the shipping process. This can include when the package is out for delivery, delivered, or if any issues require attention.
  • Additional Features: Some tracking forms may offer additional features, such as the option to sign up for email or SMS notifications. Customers can receive alerts for significant tracking events, ensuring they stay informed about the status of their shipment.
  • Proof of Delivery: Once the package is delivered, the tracking form may provide proof of delivery details, including the recipient’s name and delivery time.

Other Package Tracking Services

Several websites provide tracking capabilities that search across multiple carriers at once. We recommend using the lookup tools provided by the major carriers (i.e., FedEx, UPS, etc.). They provide more accurate and detailed information.

Following are a few options for searching multiple companies: allows you to search across 16 carriers worldwide.  The site will display matching carriers based on the tracking number. It also lets you watch the package as it travels on an interactive, cool map.

Use it to track all of the above carriers, including UPS, United States Postal Service, FedEx, DHL, DHL Global Mail, Canada Post, Landmark Global, LaserShip, Lone Star Overnight, OnTrac, Purolator, PuroPost, RR Donnelley International Services, Singapore Post, Spee-Dee, UPS Mail Innovations. – Track your package in one easy step. Enter the package tracking number and click Submit. The site provides information on the person signing and accepting the delivery. View anything shipped by DHL, FedEx, UPS, and USPS.

Costs Involved

All of the services mentioned are available for free. Advanced services, especially for commercial enterprises, are available for a fee. For the average user, everything you need is available online at no cost.

Questions and Comments

If you have any questions about package tracking, please visit one of the major carrier websites or post a message below.

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