Missing Person Investigation Books: Learn How To Find Someone

Missing person books

One the primary reasons that people hire private detectives is to help locate or track down a missing person. People go missing for a wide variety of reasons. People may disappear intentionally, as is the case with a runaway or someone who wants to escape a particularly bad situation. In contrast, a person may be abducted or taken against their will as a result of criminal wrongdoing such as kidnapping or abduction.

Private investigators use a wide variety of skills, techniques, software and equipment to search for an find missing people. Whether you are just getting started, or you’re already a seasoned pro, there is something that everyone can learn from these books. They contain great ideas that, when used in conjunction with one another, and on the right cases, could provide the break you’re looking for and may lead to your subject.

The following books are a great way to learn the skills and techniques used in such search efforts.

Missing Persons: A Writer’s Guide to Finding the Lost, the Abducted and the Escaped (Howdunit Series) A helpful book for detectives that explains how to track down someone for a variety of reasons, whether they wish to be found or now. This helpful guide describes many of the processes and techniques involved in real life situations.

How to Find Almost Anyone, Anywhere This book discuss various types of missing person search efforts. For example, one chapter is devoted to adoption searches, another is dedicated to finding family members, best friends, military personnel and debtors. The guide explains how to go about gathering information and provides helpful resources and contact information for organizations that can help you in your search. A useful book for P.I.’s and police officers.

How to Locate Anyone Anywhere: Without Leaving Home

This manual provides a step-by-step guide to finding missing persons. Includes a large number of helpful resources. Explains how to search local, state and federal records. Also, it includes helpful suggestions for writing letters to request information and more.


This well-researched book provides simple investigative resources that private detectives, genealogists, skip tracers and more to find someone who may have disappeared.

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