Private Investigator and Police Officer Resources

The Private Investigator and Police Officer Resources category contains an extensive collection of research tools, how-to articles and reference information. The content is geared specifically toward those who work in the investigation industry. Whether you’re a police detective, a private investigator, or crime scene investigator, you’ll find something of interest.

In this section, we provide an overview of the online services and databases that investigators use to uncover data and information about people. The information is used to compile background checks and employment verification.

Database search tools

Research Databases

List of Research Databases Following is a list of research databases that contain various types of information, data, public records, images, and more. All of the databases are "open...
open source intelligence (OSINT) tools

Open Source Intelligence Tools (OSINT)

What is Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)? Open Source Intelligence, often abbreviated as OSINT, is data and information that is collected legally from open and publicly available resources. Obtaining the...
bounty hunter

Bounty Hunters and Fugitive Recovery Agents

What is a Bounty Hunter? A bounty hunter is an individual who captures people who are fugitives from the law. Usually, the fugitive is someone who "skipped" bail. In...

Polygraph Tests and Lie Detectors

What is a Polygraph Test? A polygraph test (commonly referred to as a lie detector test) is an instrument that measures and records several physiological responses such as blood...
How to get a police report

How to Get a Police Report

What is a Police Report? People file a police report with law enforcement for a wide variety of reasons such as domestic disputes, traffic accidents, burglaries, and home invasions, fraud,...
Adoption resources

Adoption Research

What is Adoption? Adoption is the legal act of permanently placing a child with a parent or parents other than the birth parents. Adoption results in the severing of...
Alumni Search for Class Reunions

Alumni Search: How to Find Old Classmates for Class Reunions

Alumni Search for Class Reunions This article explains how to do an alumni search for class reunions. Before we begin, let's explain what the word alumni actually means. Alumni...
List of Area Codes

List of Area Codes by State, by Number and Search Tools

This article provides an overview of area codes and provides a list of area codes by state. In addition, it contains a list by number, as well as a list of search...
Zip code search

How to Look Up a Zip Code

Learn How to Do a Zip Code Search This article explains how to do a zip code search. Before we describe the process and refer you to some online...
Police Officer Jobs

Law Enforcement Careers

With increasing crime rates, and the need to keep security and order, police officer jobs and law enforcement careers are becoming more important every day. Law Enforcement officers are responsible for protecting...