Spy Gear and Electronic Surveillance Equipment for Private Investigators

Spy gear, also commonly referred to as “spy equipment” and sometimes as “spy gadgets”, are considered to be any electronic equipment or device used to help conduct various types of investigations. The equipment is most often used to perform surveillance, which involves observing the behavior of a particular person or persons. It is also used to conduct counter-surveillance to monitor for bugging devices or to prevent others from observing your behavior. or to conduct covert investigations. The gadgets are used most often by private investigators, police officers, bounty hunters and even the military.

In many cases, detectives use spy equipment without the knowledge of the subjects being observed. This is usually done to gather information such as video, photographs or data on a person’s activity. In addition, the equipment is becoming an important part of both personal and home security with the use of security cameras, hidden surveillance and wireless cams. This spy shop provides an overview of the various types of basic and advanced spy equipment and provides links to websites that carry a wide variety of surveillance tools to meet your investigation, surveillance and security needs.

Spy Equipment Categories

The following categories of spy equipment include a quality line of basic and advanced security and surveillance products. You do not have to be a private detective or police officer to purchase the  gear.  Many people purchase hidden cameras and other devices for their home. You’ll find gadgets and electronics such as audio recorders, electronic bug detectors, digital cameras, GPS tracking devices, listening devices, night vision goggles, self defense products, and other apparatus. Visit Brickhouse Security, our preferred provider or quality equipment.

  • Audio Listening and Recording – Audio voice analysis and modification tools such as voice stress analyzers, voice changers and transformers for use with telephones and cell phones.
  • Audio Amplifiers – Sound amplification tools for listening to people from a distance. great for surveillance missions.
  • Binoculars – A must-have piece of surveillance equipment for private investigators.
  • Bluetooth Tracking Devices – A review of the best-selling Bluetooth item tracker, Tile.
  • Bulletproof Vests – Information on bulletproof vests, bullet-resistant vests and other body armor designed to protect you in the line of duty.
  • Computer Hardware and Software Tools – Hardware and software programs for spying on computers, recording internet surfing activity, logging keystrokes, catching a cheating spouse.
  • Digital Voice Recorders / Audio Recorders – Audio recording instruments including digital voice recorders, telephone and tape recorders are useful for taking witness statements, recording notes about a case and more
  • Drones – Learn about the  the latest in aerial surveillance, photography and investigation technology used by law enforcement and investigative units.
  • Electronic Bug Detectors – Bug detection devices are useful for performing basic countermeasure checks either for your personal home security or as a security service to your clients.  Electronic bug detectors help detect and locate all major types of electronic surveillance devices including room, phone, body bugs, microphones, video transmitters, and tape recorders.
  • GPS Tracking Devices – Covert GPS vehicle tracking devices for monitoring the travel activities of company, fleet and private vehicles. Shop BrickHouseSecurity.com: GPS Tracking Devices
  • Hidden Cameras – Spy security cams.  Covert and easily concealed hidden security devices, wireless security cameras, stealth cams for hats, covert glasses, hidden camera buttons, and more.
  • Hidden Safes – hide your valuables in unexpected places.  Diversion safes and unique home security products and other gear
  • Home Security Systems – Monitor your home or business with DIY home video surveillance monitors and systems such as SimpliSafe and the Nest Security Cam.
  • Listening Devices – Sound recording materials and covert listening devices. Sound amplifiers and amplified microphones allow private investigators to hear sound from a distance.
  • Nanny Cams – Hidden cams used for keeping tabs on babysitters and nannies while you’re away.  Includes wireless nanny observation cams, hidden nanny cameras, mini cams.
  • Night Vision Binoculars – Night vision goggles, binoculars, and weapons sights.  Useful for night time surveillance and security.
  • Private Investigator Equipment – Advanced equipment for private eyes and detectives including digital camcorders, voice recorders and devices, portable receiving and recording surveillance systems, auto voice recorder and note pad, digital binoculars, jacket camera, covert video systems, bug detection kits, undercover jackets, and watch voice recorders
  • Police Equipment / Police Gear – Observation tools and surveillance gear for police officers, cops, law enforcement.  Includes such security products as:  Handcuffs, breathalyzers, hidden gear, metal detectors, bug detectors, GPS tracking devices, police gear, and more
  • Self Defense – Self defense products and weapons for your own personal and home security such as: tasers, stun guns, personal alarms, mace, pepper spray, batons, and more.
  • Surveillance on Cell Phones – Conduct cell phone recon on wireless phones and mobile phones, get data from cell phones, text messages, instant messages and more.
  • Spy Accessories – Miscellaneous accessories, electronic devices
  • Survival Kits and Accessories – Survival kits and various accessories to help survive extreme conditions.
  • Video Systems – Visual recording instruments including: packaged camera systems, CCTV and DVR monitors
  • Video Recorders – Video surveillance kits for recording subject activity, video recording mechanisms and other cheap spy gear

Buy the latest hi-tech equipment now at Brickhouse Security or CHIEF Supply. Also, don’t be afraid to check out local supply stores, including stores like Wal-Mart, Target and Home Depot. You’d be surprised how much equipment you can find right in your local neighborhood store.

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Important Notices

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