Marilyn Monroe’s Autopsy Report and Cause of Death

Marilyn Monroe's Autopsy Report
Learn about the circumstances surrounding Marilyn Monroe's death and the autopsy report.

More than 50 years have passed since the world lost the beautiful, beloved sweetheart and sex symbol, Marilyn Monroe. Anyone who met her, watched her movies, or listened to her music, clearly remembers the wit, charm and beauty that she brought to life both on and off the silver screen. This article provides an overview of the circumstances surrounding her death. In addition, it provides information on the investigation that followed and the results of Marilyn Monroe’s autopsy report.

Born as Norma Jean Baker, this blonde-haired American actress struggled through many problems in her life. Deemed as the first true sex symbol of Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe experienced tumultuous relationships on both the personal and professional front. Though she starred in many different movie roles, Marilyn Monroe often portrayed the role of a ditzy, innocent and well-natured blonde.

Circumstances Surrounding Marilyn Monroe’s Death

During the last few weeks of her life, Marilyn showed some signs of trouble. Prior to her death, she was in the process of shooting for the film Something’s Got to Give with actors Dean Martin and George Cukor. Considered to be an ill-fated film from the very the beginning, Marilyn often failed to show up on set because of sickness caused by mixing sleeping pills with alcohol. The film was never completed and Marilyn was eventually fired by the production company.

On August 4, her manager recalled that she was facing problems with sleep and was acting annoyed and moody. During that time, she spent most of her with her friend and psychiatrist Dr Ralph Greenson. He noticed her mood and behavioral issues and prescribed a barbiturate to help her relax. The same evening, Joe DiMaggio, Marilyn’s fiance visited her home to discuss their former relationship and possibly rekindle a new one. It is believed that she spent that day in a great mood and even spoke to her close friends on the phone.

In the early hours of August 5, 1962, Marilyn’s housekeeper found her in the bedroom, nude and unresponsive. At 4:25 AM, the Los Angeles police department received a telephone call from her physician that she had committed suicide.

Upon arrival, the police detectives found her lying in her bed, along with a bottle of barbiturates. In most cases that involve the self-administered overdose of sleeping pills, the victim usually experiences cramps in the legs along with vomiting and often ends up in a distorted position. Marilyn on the other hand was found in a seemingly comfortable position on her stomach, leading to speculation that the pills were possibly administered by someone else.

Marilyn Monroe’s Autopsy Report

Marilyn Monroe’s autopsy report stated that Marilyn died of overdose caused by the ingestion of sedatives with high amounts of common chemicals, which were found in her blood and liver. The case was initially deemed as a suicide due to the lack of physical struggle, her previous suicidal tendencies and traces of sedatives in her blood. However, discrepancies soon began to emerge in contrast to the initial cause of death. Some forensic professionals pointed out that the lack of barbiturate traces in her intestine or stomach indicated that they were administered rectally through an enema.

Whether Marilyn Monroe’s death was a accidental, a suicide, a pre-planned event or murder, is not 100% clear. We may never know the real cause behind the sudden death of this charming icon. Dead at the young age of 36, Marilyn will be forever remembered by her friends, family, close friends and her adoring fans around the world.

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