How To Become a Licensed Private Investigator in Missouri

Apply for a license

Missouri Private Investigator Licensing Requirements

Private Investigator licensing in the state of Missouri is handled by the Missouri Division of Professional Registration Board of Private Investigator Examiners. Below is the contact information for the Missouri Division of Professional Registration Board of Investigator Examiners:

P.O. Box 1335
Jefferson City, MO  65102-1335
573.522.7744 Telephone
573.526.0661 Fax
800.735.2966 TTY
800.735.2466 Voice Relay
[email protected]
Visit the website to get information on licensing requirements, get exam information, view disciplined licensees, read news and more.

Other special licensing requirements such as education requirements, experience requirements, examinations, and insurance may be required.  Check the state licensing website for more information.

Missouri Private Investigator Associations

Hire a Private Detective in Missouri

  • Hire a Private Investigation Agency in Missouri – To hire a private investigator in Missouri, visit our directory of private eyes and private investigation agencies. Our directory may also help you find a private investigation agency to sponsor you as a beginning private investigator.

Additional Information

  • Private Investigator Training Resources – Improve your chances of getting licensed by completing a private investigator degree program, training course, or home study course. Learn what options are available to get the private investigation knowledge necessary to get licensed.


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