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A collection of our most popular articles on investigations, law enforcement, spy equipment, and more for private investigators.

Private Investigator Software

Private Investigator Software

Learn how to use Private Investigator Software and Online Services Technology plays a key role in any investigation business. Detectives use a combination of private investigator software such as online search tools, OSINT resources, computer...
List of the best email newsletters

List of the Best Email Newsletters

This article provides a list of the best email newsletters. I decided to compile this list when I started doing research for my own email newsletter, The Digital Detective. I wanted to create a...
True crime podcasts

True Crime Podcasts – A List of the Best

True Crime Podcasts True crime is a non-fiction literary genre that involves actual crimes and the actions of real people. The genre is explores numerous movies, TV shows, documentaries, books, audiobooks, and podcasts. A podcast...
Search the White Pages

How to Search the White Pages to Find People

Learn How to Search the White Pages and Find People This article explains how you can search the white pages for a phone number or address to find people. It is much easier and faster to...
Learn how Social Security Numbers are assigned

How Social Security Numbers are Assigned

How Are Social Security Numbers Assigned? The purpose of this article is to help you understand how Social Security Numbers are assigned. In 2011, the Social Security Administration (SSA) changed the way they assign Social Security...
best web hosting providers

List of the Best Web Hosting Providers

As a private investigator, you may get cases related to investigating the ownership or use of particular websites. As such, it is important for detectives to understand the basics of web hosting, the place...