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hire a private investigator in the Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic

Hire a Private Investigator in the Dominican Republic

If you need to hire a private investigator in the Dominican Republic, use this list of investigators and investigation agencies. Before hiring a detective or agency, contact the appropriate state licensing authority to confirm current license information.

The following list of Dominican Republic private investigators and agencies is in alphabetical order and is by no means a ranking.  We encourage you to evaluate each private eye’s services and select the most appropriate provider based on your individual needs.  Take the time to review the company website (if available) and call several different listings to ask questions and get price quotes. To learn more, read Tips for Hiring a P.I.

Poindexter Global Intelligence

Owner – C. Poindexter
Núñez de Cáceres #23, Santo Domingo, DN, República Dominincana
Country: Dominican Republic
Telephone – (787) 774-7614
[email protected]

The firm’s owner and all members of the firm’s investigative cadre have been trained and employed by, or are currently contracted by governmental agencies to perform intelligence, counterintelligence or defense contract functions. The operative members of Poindexter Global are licensed where appropriate, and possess an average experience level of 15 years in various investigative and countermeasures fields. The firm strongly encourages continuing education and provides ongoing internal training to all active employees. Our service offer includes but is not limited to:

  • Surveillance
  • Background Investigation
  • Asset Investigation
  • Process Service

Professional Affiliations

  • Association for Intelligence Officers (A.F.I.O.)
  • Council of International Investigators (C.I.I.)
  • World Association of Detectives (W.A.D.)


Phone: 809-276*2503
[email protected]

The following are a sample of the services provided by our investigative staff:
· Employment Reference Checks
· Workers’ Compensation Investigation
· Complete Background Checks
· Criminal Background History
· Skip Trace Service
· Motor Vehicle Services
· Accident and Incident Investigation
· Death Investigations
· Process Service
· Video Surveillance
· Nursing Home Abuse Investigation
· Domestic Investigation
· Insurance Claim Investigation
· Witness Interviews
· Bodyguard Services

Check our for standard pricing information.
Contact Information
Santo Domingo Office

The Latin America Group

Owner – Alan Irvine-Retired FBI Special Agent
Address – Manzana 4722, Suite 5, Edif. 7, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Telephone – (800)414-8008
[email protected]

Our investigators are retired FBI, DEA and high level foreign police officials. We are professional and experienced. Our clients are law firms, corporate entities, insurance companies and individuals. We have offices in Miami and throughout Central/South America as well as the Caribbean. We are available 24/7 at (800)414-8008 and(954)558-8765(USA).

Our services are reliable, prompt and honest. We know how to conduct investigations in Latin America. We have the experience and credibility you need for investigations in Latin America.

If you have any questions before you hire a private investigator in the Dominican Republic, leave a message below.


  1. Hello

    Im 23 years old and i am currently looking for my father. Ive never met him he was deported to the DR when i was born . my mother lost contact with him that same year she thinks hes dead . i need confirmation or need to find him i want to meet him and maybe in some time for him to meet his grandkids. I dont know much but i know is name and date of birth

    • Hi,
      I’m curious to know if there are any services through this company or others that provide searching/investigating services for looking for birth family members? I was adopted from DR as a baby years back and I’m looking for my birth family. Hope to hear back soon. Thanks.

  2. Hello ,

    My daughter is now living in Punta Cana for about 10 months .
    She’s living with her boyfriend who I already met .
    I don’t think he has the best intention in this relationship ( hanky panky ? )
    I wish someone could help me and check this out in the time she’s coming to Belgium . ( 1/10/2015 -11/10/2015)
    What is the price and how does it work ?

    My regards

    Natalie Ruyssen


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