Hire a Private Investigator in Panama

Hire a private investigator in Panama
The Panama Canal

If you need to hire a private investigator in Panama, please use the following list of investigators and investigation agencies. Panama is a popular country for American expatriates, which may offer opportunities for private eyes who cover the area, or who specialize in international investigations.

Before you hire a private investigator in Panama, contact the appropriate state licensing authority to confirm current license information. To learn more about hiring, read Tips for Hiring a P.I.

The Latin America Group, Inc.

Owner – Michael Youngs-Retired FBI Special Agent
Calle Ricardo Arias #7, Panama City
Country: Panama
Telephone – (800)414-8008(USA)
[email protected]

Our investigators are retired FBI, DEA and high level Police Officials. We are professional and experienced. Our clients are law firms, corporate entities, insurance companies and individuals. We have offices in Miami and throughout Central / South America and the Caribbean. We are available for consultations at (800)414-8008(USA) and (954)558-8765(USA). Our services are reliable, prompt and honest. We know how to conduct investigations in Latin America.

If you have any questions before you hire a private investigator in Panama, please post a comment below. Or, hire a detective in another part of Central or South America.


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