X-Men Director Bryan Singer under Scrutiny for Alleged Child Abuse

Bryan Singer

Known for its regular sex-crazy drugs parties, the entertainment industry often catches flak for its wild ways. The recent lawsuit filed against director Bryan Singer by 31-year-old Michael Egan rocked Hollywood. Egan accused the 48-year-old of sexual abuse. According to the lawsuit, the incident occurred in 1999 when Egan was just a 17-year-old aspiring actor.

Details of the sexual abuse lawsuit

The lawsuit filed by Egan alleges that the director forced him into sex when he was only 17 years old. The lawsuit includes highly graphic details of the abuse, most of which are yet to be released to the public. Lured into a drug-addled wild party, Egan alleges that he was drugged and raped by Singer and others who were present at the scene. The suit also alleges that other forms of physical abuse and force were used on Egan. He alleges to have been administered cocaine without consent. Egan added that the sexual assault involved a sustained affair lasted from August 1999 to the early months of 2000.

Bryan Singer’s attorney denied all accusations against the director and said that the lawsuit was completely fabricated. He also supported his argument with extensive documents suggesting that Singer was not present in Hawaii at the time of Egan’s abuse.

In 2000, Egan filed a similar lawsuit against three other individuals with almost identical circumstances. However, Singer was not named in this lawsuit. Egan’s attorney, Jeff Herman maintains that even if the lawsuit filed in 2000 did not mention his name, there were other abusers involved. Herman added that issues with power as well as sexual abuse in Hollywood have been a longstanding problem with most of the accused escaping responsibility from these charges.

Other accused members

The recent lawsuit was first filed on April 21, 2014 when Egan and his mother, Bonnie Mound, both announced that they were planning on taking action against other Hollywood executives. The executives include David Neuman, Gary Goddard, and Garth Ancier. Goddard’s attorney said that the accusations were without merit. An attorney representing Garth Ancier released a statement saying that the accusations were fabricated and untrue. Neuman directly denied the claims on Twitter, calling the lawsuit ‘completely false’ and ‘disgusting’.

Will the latest X-Men: Days of the Future Past suffer at the box office?

The upcoming release of Singer’s film X-Men: Days of the Future Past puts many of the promotional press conferences and other public appearances in question. In addition, the incident has left a number of Hollywood executives scrambling to make the best of the situation, despite the scandal.

As an example, the director recently skipped a public appearance in Los Angeles on April 19 at WonderCon.  Reporters at the event were specifically asked to refrain from probing the matter. Other public appearances that were affected by the scandal included a press junket and multiple red carpet events planned in early May. The performance of the latest X-Men movie is also a concern. Insiders and industry analysts however don’t see any reason to worry. With the X-Men franchise, solely directed by Bryan Singer, has already earned over $2 billion; the studio may not be worried about the box office performance of the latest sequel.

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