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What is Web Design Software?

Web design software is used to create and edit of web pages, websites and web applications using HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and images. It can also be used to create HTML newsletters and other web-related content for use on website and email programs.

Web design software is in contrast with web development software, which includes tools that allow web server configuration, writing web applications and server security.  However, web design software is often used for website administration tasks.

To be competitive, it is critical that private investigation agencies have an online presence to provide information about their investigation business, the services offered, and the geographic area covered. There are a number of quality web design software packages on the market that can help you develop a quality website.

The following web design software programs may be useful tools in setting up a website for your private investigation business.

Web Design Software Products

Currently, the most popular website design software packages are:

  • Adobe Dreamweaver – The most popular design package, representing the industry standard in website creation and management. Anyone who is serious about designing a high quality site should investigate using Adobe Dreamwearer. However, it is consider to be much too advanced for most beginners.
  • Microsoft Expression – Microsoft’s answer to Adobe Dreamweaver. Formerly known as Microsoft Frontpage, this product merger ease of use with power design features. It is a solid product, but not as good as Dreamweaver.
  • SiteSpinner – SiteSpinner is easier to use than the packages listed above, but also not as powerful.
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013 – SharePoint offers powerful content management and document management system. Great for business that need to have multiple users contribute content to a web-based interface. It is a great product if you need to collaborate with others on your team and manage documents.

Following are recommended products available from Amazon.com:

Web-Based Design Tools

In addition, there are many web-based design tools and services that don’t require software to be downloaded or installed. A web-browser is used to access an online content management system to create and edit files. All files, images, databases, etc. that are associated with the site are stored online on the hosting server.

Some of the more popular brands include WordPress, Drupal and Blogger. Also, check out the various blogging and content management software options available. They make it easy to design, launch and maintain a site.

Web Hosting Tools

A number of web hosting providers have integrated site management tools that help you develop a site quickly. The benefit of this approach is the design program is usually included in the cost of the hosting package for free. Following are some of the more popular services:

  • Wix.com – Wix.com is a leading cloud-based development platform with millions of users worldwide. Wix makes it easy to create a beautiful, professional web presence.
  • Weebly – Weebly is a complete platform that allows anyone to start and grow an online business withtemplates, powerful ecommerce and integrated marketing.
  • SquareSpace
  • Duda
  • Yola
  • Jimbo
  • Yahoo SiteBuilder
  • GoDaddy
  • Homestead
  • iBuilt

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