Police vehicles

Law enforcement officers rely on high performance vehicles to ensure the ability to respond to various situations in an appropriate and timely manner. These vehicles are designed to provide officers with an effective means of patrolling city streets, transporting suspects, storing equipment and weaponry. IN addition, the vehicles provide varying levels of protection depending on their intended purpose.

Peace or police officers use a variety of vehicles that cater to different situational needs. Here are some of the common types vehicles used by law enforcement officials today.

Police Cruiser

Squad, police pursuit vehicles, or patrol cars are easily the most popular type of vehicle used by officers. These cars are specially adapted to suit diverse requirements. Reliable and well-equipped these vehicles are enhanced with special services like state of the art safety features, impressive cargo space and interior room. Cruiser or pursuit cars are built to reach high speeds in record time to help chase and apprehend fleeing suspects. Several car companies modify and improve certain models to meet the requirements and rigors or police work. Some of the more common models used as squad cars are the Ford Taurus, Ford Crown Victoria Interceptor, Chevy Caprice, and Dodge Charger. These cars are remodeled and equipped with enhanced performance alternators, quality suspension, increased battery power, high power and performance engines, innovative breaking systems, and advanced accents and features like sirens and light bars.


Police officers make the most of benefits unique to SUVs. These vehicles are generally used in times of rough weather and terrain, and help combat hazardous conditions like heavy snowfall and ice. SUVs work well when duty calls for officers to get off pavement when in pursuit. Additional carrying capacity and room in SUVs also come in handy in certain situations.

Mid to full size SUVs are often preferred choice as police vehicles and make excellent patrol cars as well with their ability to blend into traffic. Models used for police work include Ford Excursion, Ford Expedition, and Ford Explorer.


Mainly used for their utilitarian purposes, vans are used to transport groups of officers or prisoners. Models from minivans to full scale tactical operation units are generally employed. In addition, vans are used as surveillance vehicles and fitted with listening devices, cameras, audio and visual recording equipment.

Armored vehicles

Predominantly used by SWAT teams, armored vehicles are deployed in special situations. In case
of crowd or riot control, armored vehicles help police officers gain safe entry into areas that would be unable to access otherwise. They also come in use during hostage scenarios or when public spaces are hijacked by terrorist shooters. Armored vehicles keep passengers safe from external onslaught and armed fire. They work as effective shields and carriers so that officers can get up-close to the action, making it easier to gain control of the situation.


Mostly used by county or rural police, pickup trucks are operated by officers in areas where a majority of the population drives trucks as well. This helps officers keep a low profile and work well in case of excessive snowfall and extreme weather conditions. Ford Raptor is a common model of truck used by law enforcement officials.


Although they are not technically vehicles, Drones are quickly becoming a popular method of tracking down criminals and conducting surveillance. If you’re interested in the latest technology used in the field, learn about Police Drones, the latest aerial surveillance and photography technology used in Law Enforcement and Investigations.


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