Traffic Accident Investigation and Reconstruction Books


Learn how to investigate car accidents

Private investigators can use accident investigation and accident reconstruction books to learn about the science of accident reconstruction. Investigating and reconstructing traffic accidents can be a complex process, so it is important to gain as much knowledge as possible about the process and tools involved. The following accident investigation books provide helpful information on the subject of both traffic accident investigations and traffic accident reconstruction. These will help you become a traffic accident expert by increasing your knowledge and guide you through the advanced techniques, technology and tools used by the experts. Using these books and manuals will help you learn such things as:

  • What qualifies as a traffic accident, car wreck and even a fender-bender?
  • How to reconstruct an automobile accident scene from top to bottom
  • How to analyze auto accident data and interpret
  • The latest tools, software and apps to help you conduct in-depth analyses to understand the true cause behind the wreck
  • How to create detailed auto accident reports and presentations for your investigative clients
  • Where to go for accident reconstruction training and continuing education
  • Where to find jobs and employment in the field

List of Recommended Accident Reconstruction Books for Detectives and Police Officers

  • Vehicular Accident Investigation and Reconstruction – This book focuses on helping you develop the skills, education and tools necessary to become a specialist in the field. If you’re new to the field, this book is a great place to start to learn the basics. It’s also a great book to keep on your shelf as a reference tool.
  • Engineering Analysis of Vehicular Accidents – This book explains the application of using engineering skills, methods and judgment to analyze vehicular accidents. It teaches you how to select the best methods of analysis given the type of accident or traffic situation. This book is good for detectives and police officers who are interested in gaining more advanced skills and techniques for evaluating the true cause behind car wrecks.
  • Basic Guide to Accident Investigation and Loss Control (Wiley Basic Guide Series, Volume 3) – This book provides helpful case studies and real world examples to help private investigators understand the principles and techniques of investigating automobile accidents. The book explains how private eyes can build an accident investigation tool kit, how to take scene photos, how to properly gather, store and categorize evidence from the scene and how to leverage specialized analysis techniques.
  • Modern Accident Investigation and Analysis – This book divides the overall process into three individual phases: preparation and planning, methods of analysis and report, and how to take corrective action. The guide also provides a helpful section on the legal aspects involved in the process.
  • Evidence in Traffic Crash Investigation And Reconstruction: Identification, Interpretation And Analysis of Evidence, And the Traffic Crash Investigation And Reconstruction Process – Provides information on identifying evidence, analyzing and interpreting the results. Great for private detectives, police officers and crime scene investigators.

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