The Rise and Fall of Actress Lisa Robin Kelly from the 70’s Show

Lisa Robin Kelly

Best known for her role as the promiscuous and spiteful sister of Eric Forman in the hit series, That 70’s Show, as well as Amityville Dollhouse, Lisa Robin Kelly went through a number of highs and lows throughout her 20-year-career. At the young age of 43, Lisa died in her sleep after a long battle against drug abuse and alcoholism. Born in 1970 in Southington, Connecticut, Lisa made an appearance in several TV series like Married…with Children, Charmed, The X-Files, and Days of our Lives until she found a recurring role in That 70’s Show as Laurie Forman.

Lisa’s alcohol troubles and departure from That 70’s Show

For five seasons on the show, Lisa continued to act as a recurring cast member and was soon replaced by Christian Moore. It was later revealed that she left the show due to her alcohol issues. She confessed to have ‘run away’ after the successful stint as Laurie Forman. Her agent, Craig Wyckoff, reported that she was attempting to get her life back in order and checked into a rehab on August 12. However, her efforts to stay sober did not bear fruit as she received emergency medical attention due to excessive alcohol consumption. She was believed to be hospitalized a few days prior to her death with an alarmingly high blood alcohol level of 0.34. Many states consider .10 blood alcohol to be legally drunk.

Legal problems faced by Kelly

Her trysts with drugs and alcohol often led to legal trouble as Kelly was first arrested in 2010 for drunken driving in North Carolina. A few months later, she pleaded guilty in November that year and was sentenced to a year of unsupervised probation along with a fine. In March 2012, Lisa was again arrested on felony charges that involved causing injury to her boyfriend. She was later released on a bail of $50,000. The felony charges were filed by her former boyfriend John Michas, whose claims were later denied by Kelly in public.

Trouble knocked on Kelly’s door again in November 2012 when both Lisa, aged 42, and her husband Robert Joseph Gilliam, aged 61, were arrested on charges of assault. They were both released later on bond. Most recently, Lisa was arrested in June 2013 for a suspected DUI. The arrest happened on June 23, when the police responded to a phone call about car blocking on a traffic lane. Lisa was then tested for alcohol consumption which she failed, leading to the arrest.

Death and subsequent reports

Lisa Robin Kelly was found dead in her home and was believed to have passed on in her sleep on August 14, 2013. It was believed that she had checked herself into rehabilitation a few days prior to her death. After an initial diagnosis and post mortem, the LA Sheriffs Department ruled out foul play as the cause of death. On January 3, 2014, the coroner’s toxicology report suggested that the cause of death was multiple drug intoxication. Lisa was known to be alcohol dependent and had extensively consumed a wide array of drugs, possibly leading to her demise.

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