Teen Investigations – Digging Deeper Into the Lives of Young Adults


Teen investigations are unique and, at times, a very sobering experience for the entire family.  However, investigating teens are becoming more common and necessary. Providing peace of mind through discreet investigation methods of your teen to verify their activities can save their life. Things are much different for teenagers growing up in previous decades. Drug use, gang activity, shoplifting / theft, school shootings and violent attacks on fellow students are common headlines in the news today. I would have never imagined these headlines being so common.

These alarming stories are not limited to just inner cities but have spread throughout our country and impact us no matter what corner of the United States we live in from rural farm lands like Lancaster, PA to New York City and Los Angeles.

We all need car insurance, home owners insurance and health insurance. So, why would you not want to insure your child? Having a teen investigation conducting when there are red flags being waved to verify and identify what is taking place with your most valued possession, your child, should not be overlooked or ignored. What is he/she doing and with whom? Making the decision to investigate your child is not an easy one, but in the grand scheme of things, this decision is small but larger than life.

Potential Red Flags

  • Poor grades in school?
  • Mood swings?
  • Poor attendance at school and other events?
  • Suspected Drug Use?
  • Different friends, recently?
  • Disappear for hours at a time?
  • Hanging with the wrong crowd?
  • Discreet or excessive computer, iPad or mobile phone use?
  • Is your child acting different or strange?
  • Is your teenager dating and or involved with an older adult?
  • Does the mileage in the family car match up to places he/she was supposed to be?

Now is the time to identify when your teen is making poor judgments or unethical decisions before they make that final turn into gangs, drugs and other violent and dangerous activities.

When conducted before it is too late, teen investigations can save your child’s life. Parents have the right to know and protect their children, insuring that their safety and well being today will provide a lifetime of happiness tomorrow.

About the Author

Author Name: Jeff Stein
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