Hire a Private Investigator or Investigation Agency in Switzerland

Street in Switzerland.
Hire a private investigator in Switzerland.

Hire a Private Investigator in Switzerland

The following list of Switzerland private investigators and investigation agencies is in alphabetical order and is by no means a ranking. We encourage you to evaluate each detective’s services and select the most appropriate provider based on your individual needs.  Take the time to review the P.I.’s website (if available) and call several different investigators to ask questions and get price quotes. To learn more about hiring, see Tips for Hiring a P.I.

CS Enquêtes & Sideris Investigation SA

Owner – Sideris Christian
Rue de Lyon 7, CP 84 1211 Geneva 7
Country: Switzerland
Telephone 0041223440101
FAX 0041223442340
[email protected]

License number n°297 since June 26, 1996 agency approved by the State Council of the Republic of Geneva. We have 30 years of experience in the police force in Geneva.  Our teams which are comprised of highly qualified professionals, carry out all types of missions for our clients, in Switzerland and abroad.

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