Spy Scanners – Don’t Compromise Your Privacy


Spies, spyware and internet parasites are are a form of virus software that monitors activity on your computer.  Some spyware works to check on your surfing patterns, spending habits and items bought.  The spyware extracts email addresses, hijacks browsers and even steals credit card information. These are just some of the things a spyware is capable of doing.

Spyware is mainly an information-hungry parasite determined to gather data from a user or surfer without the user’s knowledge. The information gathered by these parasites are then sent to the originator without the user’s consent. Most often, the information gathered by the spyware are used to generate ads and pop-ups on the user’s PC.

Spywares and Adwares aside from being a nuisance and an invasion of privacy can also jeopardize the optimal performance of your PC. They can eat up unused disk spaces and position themselves in an inconspicuous location in your hard drive so that you will not be able to easily get rid of them. Usually, they embed themselves in your registry and memory. They can also eat the bandwidth and crash your system.

Spyware and Adware have become very rampant nowadays. Prevent yourself from being a victim of these by:

Being careful of Freeware and Shareware Downloads – Some of these downloads are tagged with spywares that are part of the software you want. You may not know that, aside from the software you downloaded, you were also downloading spywares. Always refrain from downloading sharewares and freeware from unknown sources.

Installing a good spyware/adware Scanner and Removal Software – There are a number of spyware scanners and/or removal software in the market today. A good spyware scanner can effectively locate all spywares installed in your PC and a good spyware removal tool can effectively remove all the spywares detected

Spy Scanners are programs designed to detect spies on your computer. A good spy scanner can effectively search through the most unnoticeable embedded files that spy on you.  Most Spy scanners include a spyware removal function. Other spy scanners do not entail spyware removal features but display the logs of the spyware detected in your PC. The information logs contain the location and nature of the spywares found.  For spy scanners with no built-in spyware removal functions, a manual deletion of the spyware files could also be done through the information captured on the logs. Some Spy scanner products on the market today have spyware scan available for non-paying users and the removal tool available only for paying users.  Spy Scanners when installed can be chosen to run on demand or periodically.

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