Spam Protection Software: Powerful Programs and Tools for Eliminating Junk Email

Spam blocking

Anti-Spam Email Monitoring and Filtering Tool

Are you receiving more spam than regular email?  Lately, it seems that we spend more time opening, reading and deleting irrelevant messages than relevant ones. It takes time to clean out our inbox, opening messages, scanning to see if the content applies to us, and then either deleting or adding it to our spam folder. One option is to eliminate spam with Spam Agent software.

Spam Agent is the latest in email monitoring software technology. The Spam Agent program is a powerful email monitoring and filtering software tool that allows you to filter spam and get only the email you want – and nothing more. Filter out time-wasting phishing attempts, bogus scams and frauds, and protect your identity from thieves.

Most of the major internet service providers (ISPs) have build in filters that automatically reduce the amount of unwanted emails. Most major email programs such as Hotmail, Yahoo and GMail give users a great deal of control over their filters, so additional software is often unnecessary.

Spam Agent’s Key Features

  • Block incoming Spam emails from entering your inbox
  • Create Custom Spam Filters to filter out spam emails and unwanted content
  • Create a Friends list to receive only the email messages you want to receive
  • Monitor multiple email accounts from one interface
  • Send Unsubscribe notices to spammers to reduce the overall message
  • Send Abuse notices to ISPs and Web Hosting companies to punish the sender
  • Stop unwanted attachments
  • Save time by stopping spam

Most web-based email services such as Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and Gmail have built in spam filters that allow the user to block unwanted emails (although much of the filtering is done by the ISP’s own filters). This type of software is more effective for locally installed programs such as Microsoft Outlook. As a result, we no longer offer this software program for sale as a part of our affiliate program.

See also, Privacy Agent for Protecting your computer.


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