Soulja Boy Rapper Arrested by Police for Illegal Gun Possession

Soulja Boy rapper arrested

Soulja Boy, whose real name is DeAndre Cortez Way, made it big as a rapper and entertainer with popular hit records such as ‘Millions’ and ‘We Made it (Remix)’. However, he has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons these days, by breaking the law.>

In January, 2014, the 23 year-old rapper  was riding in a car with another rapper in an area of the Los Angeles metropolitan areas known as “The Valley”. The L.A. police pulled the car over after it failed to stop at stop sign. When the police officers searched the vehicle, they discovered a loaded gun in the car. Soulja Boy was arrested immediately and taken to an L.A. county jail. He was booked on felony gun possession charges and his bail was set at $35,000. After spending a few days in the county jail, be was released.

Earlier arrests

This is not the first time that Soulja has been arrested. In October 2009, he fled the scene when cops ordered him to stop filming a video in an old house in Atlanta, GA. He was arrested and later released on bail of $550.

Later, in October 2011, he was arrested in Georgia’s Carroll County, when cops found marijuana in his vehicle. At the time he was stopped, he was traveling with four other individuals. In addition to discovering marijuana, police found handguns and money in the car. He was arrested and taken to jail, but was released from custody the very same day.

Is the Media to Blame?

After his latest run-in with the law, Soulja Boy blamed the media for targeting him because of his celebrity status. He said that his arrest wouldn’t have made the news if he were just an ordinary guy.

The rapper’s manager, CEO Miami Mike, explained to the media that Soulja Boy was not aware of the presence of the loaded gun in the vehicle. His manager also blamed a neighbor for placing the gun under one of the seats in the car without his knowledge. Soulja Boy claimed that the search on his car was not legal, but authorities claimed otherwise. Authorities stated that the search was allowed because the gun was clearly visible. Another rapper Arab was driving the car during the arrest, according to media reports.

No Shortage of Controversy

The rapper, whose hit song ‘Crank That’ was nominated for the 50th Grammy Awards, has always been controversial. He has been in the news for alleged abusive remarks against fellow rappers, and once even for allegedly posting death threats on a social networking site aimed at a Chicago rapper. He later claimed his social media accounts were hacked and he was not responsible for the threats.

His music has been banned in some schools due to their violent or sexual content, though he denies the content is excessive. In addition, he has been criticized for dissing the U.S. Army in one of his songs, which was released around the tenth anniversary of 9/11. Reportedly, the military announced a ban on his music in 2011. He has since since apologized for the lyrics.

It hasn’t been smooth sailing for Soulja Boy on the personal front either. In 2008, he was robbed and threatened by gun-toting masked men. In 2007, his younger brother, Deion Jenkins, was killed in a car accident.

It remains to be seen if the rapper will clean up his act or continue to have run-ins with law enforcement.

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