Solicitation: Offering Money to Incite Someone to Commit a Crime

Solicitation: Offering Money to Incite Someone to Commit a Crime

What is Solicitation?

In the United States, solicitation is the name of a crime that consists of a situation where a person offers money or something else of value in order to incite or induce another to commit a crime with the specific intent that the person solicited commit the crime.

Basically, it is convincing someone else to do something illegal. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Other definitions of Solicitation include: To entice or incite to take evil or illegal action; To approach or accost (a person) with an offer of sexual services; To make solicitation or petition for something desired; To approach or to accost someone with an offer of sexual services in return for financial. Situations involving solicitation are most common in relation to prostitution. Prostitutes are said to have “solicited” sex.

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For more legal definitions, visit our Glossary of Legal and Investigation Terms.

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