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Welcome to the SneakyPix App. Most of the latest smartphones come with high-quality, built-in cameras. However, using them to take pictures when you need them the most is not always easy. Sometimes, the opportunity to capture a great picture is gone by the time you pull out your phone, open the protective cover, turn on the phone, enter your passcode, open the camera app, and finally take the picture.

Sometimes, you’d like to take a picture, but the timing isn’t right. Maybe you’re embarrassed when someone sees you pulling out your phone to snap a photo at an inappropriate time. Private investigators conducting surveillance in public places can’t always pull out their digital cameras and snap photos of their subjects. Let’s face it: sometimes, you want to take a picture without anyone noticing. Fortunately, an app has been built especially for this purpose.

Take sneaky pictures with the SneakyPix App

SneakyPix, a nice camera app developed by Skidmore Apps – allows you to take covert pictures and videos without anyone noticing what you’re up to. All you have to do is launch the app and pretend to be on the phone. The following is an overview of the application and instructions on how private detectives can use it during surveillance.

Using SneakyPix

SneakyPix is easy to understand and simple to use. The main screen of the app provides instructions for using the program. Before you launch the app, there are two important things to do first. First, turn your phone on silent mode. You don’t want the camera making sounds as it takes pictures. Also, disable the flash feature of your phone camera. This is important because if the flash is not turned off, it will ‘flash’ when using the app, and your cover will be blown.

Now, launch Sneakypix. Once it opens, you can begin taking covert pictures and video clips. Holding the phone as still as possible is important for better-quality pictures.

Useful SneakyPix features

  • Vibration Alerts – Active the vibrate feature to receive alerts as pictures are taken. The phone will vibrate to let you know a picture or video has been captured.
  • Fake Screen – The app displays a fake screen or photo while in use, just in case your phone’s screen comes on while in use. This feature can be customized with your images.
  • Number of Pictures – Specify the number of photos to be taken.
  • Image Resolution—Adjust the image resolution depending on your desired quality. A higher resolution allows you to “zoom” into a photo to view minute details. If you want to capture images faster, set a lower resolution.

Ideas for using SneakyPix App

Married people often hire private investigators to surveil a cheating spouse or suspicious parents who want to know what their teen is up to. This is a great software tool for private investigators who need to conduct close-quarter surveillance, especially in public places. Detectives can use the tool to capture images and videos without being noticed or raising suspicions.

The program is also ideal for those who want to capture spontaneous images of daily life while on the go but are too conscious of others watching them doing it. For instance, you may want to capture a beautiful moment you encounter on the subway or walking down the street. Or, you may want to snap a sneaky picture or make a secret video of an artist at work in a café or on the street.

Compatibility: The small application requires iOS 4.3 or later to operate. The app can be used on an iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and is optimized for iPhone 5.

For more information, visit the app’s page on iTunes.

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