Shocking Video of Emaciated Angelina Jolie Released By Alleged Drug Dealer

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie has become the center of a whirlwind of drug-related controversy as a video of her from her younger days has been leaked to the Press. Over the last decade, Jolie has become a household name among movie-goers, and has often been ranked, the most beautiful woman in the world. Jolie, has however, never chosen to hide the fact that she had gone through extremely trying times before her rise to stardom, explaining on numerous occasions that she had had very dark days during her youth.

Frequent drug abuse

The video, which was leaked by an individual known as Franklin Meyer, who claims to have been Jolie’s drug-dealer during her youth, shows a frantic and emaciated Jolie pacing up and down her apartment room. The video is believed to have been recorded some time during the 1990s. Meyer, Jolie’s alleged former drug-dealer, made a statement to the Press explaining that although he did sell her both, cocaine and heroin, Jolie never opted to ‘shoot-up’. He further stated that she would only buy small quantities, spending no more than $100 every week.

Meyer even went as far as to say that the actress was, in fact, under the influence of drugs, when she participated in an interview promoting the film, ‘Girl Interrupted’ for which she won herself an Oscar. He continued by saying that Jolie was always extremely candid in her interactions with him, often discussing her relationship with Billy Bob Thornton, as well as her affinity for sado-masochism. The stunning sixteen minute video, however, has thrown a number of her fans into shock, as it features an agitated Jolie within a messy apartment.

Meyer stated that while Jolie was still trying to make a career for herself as an actress, he would often receive calls from her, requesting him to ‘drop in’ for a visit. The video also shows Jolie answering a phone call from her father, Jon Voight, also a well known actor, as they proceeded to speak about both, her brother James, as well as her late mother.

Impressive turnaround

In 2011, the now globally renowned actress stated on the popular TV program, 60 minutes, that she had been the victim of a very dark past, and was grateful that she was able to pull herself together, and escape its shackles. In the context of the sixteen minute video, the fashion in which Jolie has turned her life around is truly commendable. Jolie who is now 39 years old, is currently married to Brad Pitt, and a mother to six children, of which three are adopted.

The actress has also won an Oscar for her on-screen performances in the past, and has since become one of the most well known ambassadors for the United Nations. Her role as an activist against sex trafficking has even won her a damehood recently from the Queen of England. Since the release of the video, Jolie or any members of her entourage, have not as yet released an official statement.

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