Shia LaBeouf Receiving Alcoholism Treatment to Rescue Career

Shia Labeouf

Transformers star, Shia LaBeouf has found himself making headlines for all the wrong reasons these days. The promising actor was found disrupting the Broadway production, ‘Cabaret’ starring Alan Cumming earlier this week, in what appears to be in a drunken state. Despite LaBeouf’s enviable film portfolio that includes prominent and starring roles in box office successes like Indiana Jones and the popular Transformer series and independent projects like Nymphomaniac, LaBeouf has often garnered more attention for his antics off stage, rather than on it. 

‘Cabaret’ Incident

The most recent of LaBeouf’s controversial incidents occurred when the actor attended a performance of the famous Broadway musical, ‘Cabaret’, which resulted in the actor being arrested for interrupting the show. While the actual details of the incident continue to remain unclear, it is known is that LaBeouf was illegally smoking within the theater. Moreover, the performance itself requires a degree of audience interaction, but it has been stated that LaBeouf crossed the boundaries of contact with the performing actors.

When the authorities were finally called, LaBeouf became extremely agitated and began shouting a number of expletives at them. LaBeouf also reportedly spat at law enforcement officials, before losing his balance, suggesting that he may have been under the influence of alcohol. LaBeouf was arrested immediately and escorted from the theater. 

Receiving Rehabilitation Treatment

His latest antics suggest that the Even Stevens star may be headed down the same path as other controversial celebrities such as Mel Gibson and Lindsay Lohan. However, recent reports indicate that the actor may be trying to salvage his film career, and has voluntarily begun alcoholism treatment at a rehabilitation facility, the type of center that is frequented often by high profile personalities. 

A source at the NY Daily News stated that LaBeouf understood that his latest antics may actually be attributed to larger and more prevalent problem in the form of alcoholism and the actor was looking to repair his image as soon as possible. LaBeouf was photographed visiting the private rehabilitation clinic where he was escorted by a nurse and a member of the security personnel. 

Other incidents

It seems as if LaBeouf’s odd behavior at the Broadway theater in New York was the tipping point. The week before the event, LaBeouf was caught picking a fight with an unidentified individual outside a strip club in Manhattan. The situation was caught on video filmed by TMZ. 

This particular incident is the latest in a long line of controversies that have surrounded the actor over the last few years.

Previously, LaBeouf wore a brown paper bag over his head with the message, “ I am not famous anymore”, as he visited the Berlin Film Festival in Germany. In addition, LaBeouf was arrested for incidents in 2005, 2007 and 2008.

Despite the actor being photographed and quizzed at the Los Angeles airport on Sunday, LaBeouf has remained completely silent about the ‘Cabaret’ outburst, and there is no evidence to suggest that he, or his entourage, will be making any further press statements in the coming weeks. 

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