Self Defense Fighting Videos: Learn to Defend Yourself and Your Family


What is Self Defense?

Self-defense is a countermeasure that involves defending oneself, one’s property or the well-being of another from physical harm. The use of the right of self-defense as a legal justification for the use of force in times of danger is available in many jurisdictions, but the interpretation varies widely. To be acquitted of any kind of physical harm-related crime (such as assault and battery and homicide) using the self-defense justification, one must prove legal provocation, meaning that one must prove that they were in a position where not using self-defense would most likely lead to significant injury to life, limb, or property.

Self Defense Videos and Instructional DVDs

Learn how to defend yourself using these instructional self-defense fighting videos. The self-defense videos and self defense DVDs feature professional expert street fighters who will teach you the secrets of self defense. Use the instructional videos and DVDs to learn various fighting styles and fighting techniques to keep yourself safe.

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Why Are Bigger, Stronger, Taller And Meaner Thugs Absolutely Terrified Of Challenging his Mild, Middle-Aged (And UNDEFEATED) No-Rules Cage Fighter?It’s because his amazing new “simple and vicious” street fighting system – perfected in illegal (felony) no-rules “pit” fights -allows you to instantly dominate and humiliate even experienced black-belt opponents no matter how over-matched you are in size, strength or skill. The fight is over before he can blink. BEST PART: You can learn it almost overnight, even if you’re out-of-shape and have no previous fighting skills at all. If you want to learn how to fight very quickly with an astonishing “short set” of viciously- simple secrets that will allow you to step up to any fighter, of any size and skill level, and instantly introduce him to a new world of pain and fear then read on. This will change your life and the way you walk the earth, forever. Here’s why: The closest you will ever get to a real street fight or combat situation is in the illegal no-rules “cage” and “pit” fights staged in underground arenas around the world. The only real difference is in the street or battlefield, you can run away. In the cage. There’s No Place To Run! Cage fights are bloody messes, and the losers often end up permanently crippled. In the cage, you either win or you lose. Period. Enter Tom Proctor. Out of nowhere, this unassuming guy is undefeated (17-0) in both legal cage fights (with the International Sport Combat Federation), and illegal “pit” fights (put on by private money). All in the heavyweight division. But here’s the kicker: Tom is 45 years old, and about twenty pounds shy of actually being a heavyweight! By no means would you call Tom “big”. Every opponent he faced in the cage outweighed him from 40 to 120 pounds or more (of solid muscle, mind you) was taller by up to 8 inches and all of them were young studs in their twenties. They were bigger (by far), younger and in their prime, and more experienced in no-rules fighting. And here comes Tom into the cage – shorter, old as dirt, looking almost frail next to the heavyweight monsters he was to fight, showing none of the prowess these “real” fighters expected. They licked their chops. And The Cage Door Slammed Shut! Results: Tom put them all down. Fast. And you know what Tom Proctor won for all his hard work? Not a single penny. He never did it for the money. He did it just to prove a simple point. He just wanted to.

In the most sizzling display of raw fighting savvy you’ll ever witness, “little man” Taylor PROVES you can quickly learn and just as quickly use his personal “Bag O’ Nasty Tricks” to completely obliterate someone twice your size. In fact these vicious tricks work best when you’re outweighed, outsized and out-muscled by your opponent! If you are “size challenged”, or usually find yourself looking up at people when they talk to you this is the PERFECT fighting tactics system you could ever ask for. You don’t need to be strong, or agile, or possess magic powers. In fact your size is actually an ADVANTAGE in a fight. And if you’re large size  or even a big gorilla type then you want to see Bob’s tricks before you ever leave the house again. Because, if you don’t understand the advantage a smaller man has against you, you’re dead meat in a real fight. What’s more knowing these nasty “little guy” fighting tricks allows you to use them too. They are just as devastating when used by a big guy against another big guy or a vicious small guy looking to punch your lights out. This isn’t your normal martial arts, not by a long shot. Bob Taylor (he’s only 5′ 6″ but dangerous as all get out – take a look at his bio) developed hand-to-hand fighting skills that have won him the awesome and unreserved respect he now has in the fighting world. Here’s a sample of what you’re about to see: Where the most vulnerable targets are on a big man  spots you can easily get to without being touched by him in return! How to take out a larger attacker “in close” without ever striking above his waist. How to crush any attacker’s feet with a single stomp! (Do it wrong, as most martial artists do, and you’ll just make him angrier. Do it the way Bob shows you, and his feet will collapse like socks full of crushed walnuts.) How to use the psychological advantage you have against an attacker who thinks he’s going to rip you up easily. (Big surprise for him, nice tidy 2-second fight for you.) How to never get hurt yourself in a fight, even if you go against Mr. Universe! Why the most devastating head-butt you can deliver does NOT require any strength.

This is THE MOST EXCITING RELEASE OF DEADLY FIGHTING SECRETS ever offered to civilians. This is not “play nice” stuff. This material makes every other fighting system you’ve seen every single one look like a game of “patty cake”. And I guarantee Not You Nor Anyone You Know Has Ever Seen This Stuff Before! Nor are you adequately prepared to see it without a dramatic “shift” happening in your life. It is that powerful. It is that shocking. Here’s the story: I know you are very skeptical at this moment. With all the fighting systems available out there, it seems insane to think there could BE any system that NO ONE ELSE HAS EVER SEEN. Well, I’m deadly serious. These are not military secrets, or CIA, or any other formal organization who’s mad at me. Nope. It’s much, much worse. Think about it. Do you have any idea who the BADDEST ASS FIGHTERS are over the last couple of centuries? It’s not the Russians, not by a long shot. No Samurai ever got this skilled in hand-to-hand. It’s not the Filipinos. Not the Vietnamese guerilla fighters. Not the Mafia. Nope. The most feared most respected and most hyper-skilled fighter who ever walked this earth was the American Indian. Forget about what Hollywood has done to history. No Indian fighter ever rode around a circle of wagons looking silly until a settler got a bead on him with his flintlock. That’s dumb, stupid myth. Lies. Americans have an uneasy memory when it comes to Indians, and the TRUTH has been hidden a long time. The Plains Indians Apache, Comanche, Cherokee, Pawnee) held off the entire U.S. military despite being outnumbered 100-to-1, despite lacking any technology advantages. The ONLY reason the Indians eventually lost was through attrition they just couldn’t match the population of settlers swarming across their territory. They lost only because a tidal wave of humans overwhelmed them. In fighting skills, however, the lowliest Comanche warrior could wipe out an entire troop of “civilized” soldiers all on his lonesome. Part of it was the warrior’s knowledge of the land and nature he could run 20 miles without getting winded, and hide for weeks without a trace. But more importantly he excelled at hand-to-hand fighting. Especially Single move kill tactics Jaw-dropping vicious strikes that cripple instantly And moves that make it IMPOSSIBLE for

The subject is Advanced Gun Disarmament and Weapons Retention – the most important martial arts tactic in “street level” SWAT work today. Why? Because 75% of all cops who are shot in the line of duty. Are Shot With Their OWN GUN! That means criminals are wrestling guns away from cops and shooting them. The bad guys are getting so good at advanced streetfighting, that even the best-trained cops in the country right now are helpless as kittens in close-quarters combat in the street. Even when the cops think they are in control of a situation. they quickly end up eating one of their own bullets. That’s why this incredibly advanced (and very secret) seminar is in the works. Cops all over the country are demanding immediate training in taking weapons away from criminals. and keeping their own weapons from being taken away by criminals. The “go to” guy behind all this advanced training. is Bob Taylor. He’s already done several training videos – including the original “Gun Disarmament” videos, with co-host Randy Wanner, which has become the “bible” of disarmament training for SWAT cops all over the US. plus the best-selling “Unarmed & Fearless” tapes. Bob, works closely with cops and federal agents, and is world-famous for his “Roundeye” custom-made fighting knives. Listen : It’s a new world out there in the streets. The bad guys are getting so savvy at hand-to-hand combat, that you are absolute toast if you don’t understand how to stay one step ahead of them. And owning a gun won’t help you. In fact, according to the latest FBI statistics . just owning a gun can actually get you killed. Because. while 75% of cops who get shot in the line of duty get shot with their own gun. over 95% of civilians who get shot get shot with their own gun! That’s outrageous. And it means that. even if you have weapons training on the highest level now possible in the US (from military sources, or top police trainers). you are. Seriously At Risk! You need better training that the scum who you might be facing, if you ever must pull your weapon in defense of your home, your safety or your loved ones. And right now. as the smartest big-city SWAT cops know. the ONLY way to get the advanced training you need. is to go to Bob Taylor. No one else in the world understands gun disarmament and weapons retention like Bob. He is the UNDISPUTED top expert in the field.

Carjacked Beaten Assaulted WORSE! She’s your girlfriend. Your wife. Your daughter. Your sister. Your mother. Your best friend. She’s a woman in danger. AND HER SAFETY IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AS A MAN! How do you explain to her you just never had the time to learn how to fight? Here’s the bottom line: If you understand what it’s like to be a man in today’s world of constant carjacking, murders, rapes, and just plain humiliation at the hands of scumbag bullies and paroled perverts – and we believe you do understand – then it’s time you admitted to yourself this critically important fact: Just wanting to protect your loved ones isn’t enough anymore YOU NEED THE RAW, VICIOUS SKILLS TO FIGHT AND WIN IN THE STREETS IF YOU ARE EVER ATTACKED! There’s nothing fancy about these “top edge” skills – but without question it’s exactly what you want in your “bag of tricks” WHEN YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE Why is this so important? In a recent San Francisco Chronicle story, a young mother witnessed a crime by ruthless biker thugs. They came after her, and made her and her husband watch while the bikers literally tore their two daughters to pieces. Dead at 5 years old, three years old. Daddy couldn’t help DADDY DIDN’T KNOW HOW TO FIGHT! What about the 17 year old punk who was angry about his football career and decided to focus his rage on a woman (5’1″ 99 lbs.) who accidentally bumped his car in traffic. On a bridge, with fifty other motorists sitting there watching, he broke every bone in her face, then loudly offered her up for sex, five bucks a shot, to anyone who wanted her. Imagine how she felt, bleeding, unable to escape, trying to catch someone’s eye in all those silent cars around her! She finally wretched herself free and jumped off of the bridge, dying on impact. That’s how bad this oversized punk hurt her. She was only 35 years old. She was someone’s wife, some kid’s mother. She could have been your sister. Sure the kid was big, and out-of-control with rage and bloodlust but you could have taken him out with a single shot! Actually Jim West can show you HOW TO TAKE OUT PUNKS LIKE THAT IN TWO SECONDS! You could take out two punks his size! Just ask one of Jim West’s students, Judy Mayrand. She’s only 5’4″ and 110 lbs. and she knocked out a man 6 feet tall and 180 pounds, with a shot that has left him permanently afraid of smaller women!


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