Security Guards Books: Learn How to Provide Private and Personal Protection

security guard

Private investigators with law enforcement or military experience often provide security services and personal protection services to their clients. Private Investigators often serve as bodyguards or personal security consultants due to their experience and knowledge in security-related fields. If you’re interested in starting your own security company, or at least offering this service to your clients, use the following security guard books to learn about:

  • How to get started in the security field and become a security officer or private guard
  • How to get the security training and development you need to find a job as a security guard or private security specialist
  • The various types of positions and careers available, such as bank security guard, armored car driver, prison guard or corrections security, neighborhood security officer, bouncers, and more.

Following are some of the best-selling books on the subject of Security Guards, Security Officers and Private Security.

  • The Security Handbook, Second Edition – The book covers everything from introductory to advanced topics. The book offers practical information and protective techniques that you can put into practice immediately. Learn about proper procedures for patrolling, communicating with others and how to write reports. Learn about arrest procedures and applicable laws, self-defense techniques, security equipment, security countermeasures and more.
  • Practical Security Training – Learn about the various types of practical training available for detectives.

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