Scorpions Drummer James Kottak Arrested


Scorpions drummer James Kottak was arrested in Dubai for making anti-Islamic comments. The Scorpions are well known for popular hit songs like Send Me An Angel and Rock You Like a Hurricane.

James Kottak Arrested?

According to The National, a government newspaper in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), James was at the airport waiting to board a plane. The drummer had a few too many drinks while waiting for his flight. Allegedly, he became belligerent and began complaining of a bad smell in the airport. He went on to insult Islam and mooned other passengers who were waiting in the airport terminal.

An airline staff member testified that the Scorpions drummer James Kottak flipped off several passengers in the airport. In addition, a customer service employee at the Dubai International Airport spoke of what she saw at the airport terminal. She witnessed Kottak cover his nose and insist he would not travel with them on the plane to Bahrain.

Also, some reports claim that Kottak complained about “uneducated Muslims.” In addition, he behaved offensively in front of the other passengers traveling to Bahrain.

Kottak was arrested on April 3rd while traveling to Bahrain from Russia. Upon arrest, he was charged with drinking without a license (a requirement in the UAE) and fined. Additionally, Kottak received a one-month jail sentence in Dubai.

The Scorpions band had a scheduled gig at a Formula One race on April 5th. Unfortunately, James Kottak did not appear at the concert as he was under judicial custody.

Scorpions Drummer James Kottak Confesses

At the trial, Kottak admitted to being drunk at the airport. But, he pleaded not guilty to the other allegations, especially his alleged anti-Islamic sentiments. At the trial, Kottak reported that he and his friend had recently arrived from Moscow. The two were waiting for their bus when they accidentally ended up in the transit section of the airport.

Kottak said that he did not curse nor badmouth the nation of Islam or Muslims. He vehemently denied that he would say anti-Islamic things, even if he were under the influence of alcohol. Also, he said that he did not use foul language or flip his middle finger at the other passengers. In reality, he only lifted his shirt to show his tattoo. Kottak’s lawyers and manager chose not to comment. The rock band drummer continues to deny the anti-Islamic and offensive behavior charges. However, he openly admits to being drunk in the largely conservative society of the UAE.

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More Information

Learn more about the Scorpions drummer James Kottak on his Wikipedia page. For more celebrity drama, visit our Celebrity Investigations section.


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