Sandra Bullock Encounters Stalker

Sandra Bullock's stalker
Sandra Bullock encountered a stalker who broke into her Los Angeles home.

Sandra Bullock is accustomed to being in the news for her exceptional acting performances in movies such as “The Blind Side”, and the  sci-fi thriller, “Gravity”. However, a recent incident at Bullock’s home in Los Angeles landed her on the front page of media sites for reasons she would prefer to avoid. Sandra Bullock’s stalker broke into her home.

Sandra Bullock’s Stalking Incident

Bullock was the victim of a stalking incident, when a strange man managed to gain access to her property and her home. On the morning of June 8, 2014 at approximately 6:30 AM, Bullock was asleep in her bedroom on the second floor of the house.

She woke up when she heard strange noises coming from the exercise room. The exercise room is on the third floor of her house. She got out of bed and went to determine the source of the noise. When she walked into the workout room, she saw a man wearing a sweatshirt and pants (maybe he was there to work out?). Bullock immediately ran out of the room, locked the door to the room and called the Los Angeles police department.

LAPD Arrests Sandra Bullock’s Stalker

It took only minutes for the LAPD to arrive and apprehend the intruder. The stalker was identified as 39 year old, Joshua James Corbett. Upon apprehending Corbett, law enforcement officials found numerous photos of Bullock in his possession, along with a letter describing himself as her husband, and a weapon permit.

Upon inspecting Corbett’s home, authorities found several illegally obtained weapons. As a result, a total of 19 felony charged were filed against the stalker.

In addition, the police found several letters that were addressed to the actress, professing his love for both her, and her young child. He also revealed that he was present at the American Film Institute gala, which was held just three days prior to the incident.

Authorities also found that Corbett had rented out a hangar at the Bob Hope Airport where he had a small aircraft. However, the lease on the hangar was due to expire soon, and Corbett had recently received eviction notices.

Since the incident, investigators determined that Corbett managed to evade the security measures at Bullock’s residence by scaling two gates and then forced his way through a glass door leading into the house’s sun room. It is still not certain how long Corbett had been on the property.

Also, the stalker revealed to the authorities that he had no intention of harming the actress and that he simply intended to expose the inadequacies of her property’s security system. It seems he accomplished that. Unfortunately, he also exposed the inadequacies of his understanding of the law.

Other Celebrity Stalking Incidents

This is certainly not the only celebrity stalking incident to hit the news recently. A number of celebrities including Selena Gomez, Halle Berry, Olympic gymnast, Shawn Johnson, and former American Idol contestant Scott McCreery have been victims of stalking and break-in incidents.

Earlier in the year, Selena Gomez’s lawyer released a statement condemning the intrusive media coverage celebrities must endure. He stated that it was the primary cause for the development of these obsessive psychological conditions. The lawyer also made a plea to criminal prosecutors to take stronger actions against such offenders in the future. While the media continue to debate the incident, Bullock has yet to release an official statement.

Practical Advice for Dealing with a Stalker

Dealing With a Stalker

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If you have any questions about Sandra Bullock’s stalker, please leave a comment below. Also, get the scoop on more celebrity drama. Check out more Celebrity Investigations. Also, read this List of Tips for Dealing with a Stalker.


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