Robin Williams: The World Reacts to the Suicide of a Comedic Legend

Robin Williams: The World Reacts to the Suicide of a Comedic Legend

An Investigation into the Events Surrounding Robin William’s Suicide

For the past four decades, legendary actor and comedian Robin Williams has entertained millions of people around the world in a wide variety of comedy performances, stand-up routines and hilarious sitcom characters.

Known for his eccentricity, quick wit, and rapid tongue, Williams has enthralled audiences with his acting versatility over the years. From his stirring performance as a cross-dressing father in Mrs. Doubtfire, to the lovable character of Patch Adams that created himself,  it is an understatement to say that Williams had a unique talent that was one in a million.

However, sometimes the funniest people in the world are also often the saddest. This seems to be the case for the comedic mastermind as another Hollywood legend falls to suicide.

Death by Asphyxiation

On Monday, August 11, 2014, the entire world came to a standstill as news of Williams’ alleged suicide made its way into the media. The Oscar-winning actor was found dead in his home by local authorities in Tiburon, California at around noon on Monday.  The initial opinion on the scene was that the actor had taken his own life via asphyxiation. Subsequent reports from the Marin County Deputy Coroner confirmed those suspicions.

Williams is believed to have used a belt to tie around his neck, before tying the other end onto his closet door frame. The actor then assumed a seated position, pressing his shoulder against the door, strangling himself. The coroner’s report also details ‘superficial’ cuts on Williams’ wrists, suggesting that the actor first tried to commit suicide by slashing his wrists and bleeding to death. A toxicology report is still being conducted, and is expected to be released shortly. Williams was last seen by his wife on the previous night at around 10.30 PM.

Bouts of Depression

While the news of his death shocked the world, those who were close to him off-screen knew he suffered from depression. A statement released by Williams’ publicist cited that the actor had been struggling with severe depression for a number of years.  In fact, Williams had been spotted visiting a rehabilitation facility in Minnesota as recently as July.

Williams frequently spoke about his on-and-off struggles with alcoholism and cocaine addiction, but recently stated that he seemed to have found some semblance of peace in his life. The actor was recently married, moved to a new home, and had even begun participating in a brand new television series, “The Crazy Ones”.

Since the news of Williams’ demise spread throughout the world, the internet exploded with obituaries and tributes to the actor, with numerous celebrities paying homage both to his talent and his personality. The news of his death has put a spotlight on depression and is helping to create awareness about the seriousness of the illness.

It seems odd that an individual that brought smiles and laughter to millions of people around the globe is associated with depression.

After his death, his ashes were spread over the San Francisco bay.

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