Trustify Private Investigator Network and App

Trustify Private Investigator Network
Trustify Private Investigator Network

NOTE: The Trustify Private Investigator Network turned out to be a scam. The following is for historical reference purposes only. For more information on the illegal activity, read some of the comments from users at the bottom of the article.

Founded by Danny Boice, the Trustify Private Investigator Network enables people to retain the services of professional investigators by booking online. The technology platform allows you to connect with the experts for limited-time engagements, expressing your needs and how they can help solve them. The service is unique because it works with all clients, including individuals, families, and even corporate organizations.

Investigative experts available through the network are fully trained and meet all the city and state requirements needed for practice. Most have college degrees in relevant fields, such as criminology, and certificates for professional courses in their study area. In addition, the investigators are experienced in fieldwork, and many have been actively practicing for years. Hiring a professional from Trustify Private Investigator Network costs $79 per hour.

How The Trustify Private Investigator Network Works

You can join the company as an investigator or apply as a client. They welcome experienced detectives to work with them on various surveillance tasks. Those with backgrounds in the military, fugitive recovery, law enforcement, workers’ compensation, insurance fraud, or other relevant disciplines are highly encouraged to apply. To qualify, one must first have experience in conducting both field surveillance and investigations.

Trustify also hires detectives for computer-related activities such as pulling local/state records, accessing professional databases, and conducting deep web research. The pay for investigators working with the company is $30 per hour. Income depends on the amount of work one is willing to take at any given moment, and all assignments are given on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Much of the private investigative work revolves around accounting for people’s time, finding out where they go when not around the client seeking assistance, and who they meet on their excursions. Application to join the Trustify Private Investigator Network can be made online from their website.

For clients:

This service allows you to hire experienced detectives without worrying about infringing on someone else’s privacy. The first step to using it is opening a user account on their site, and then you’ll receive a confirmation email from the company showing your login details and the terms & conditions that should be met when contacting them. There are no limits to the number of experts an individual can hire at any given moment; you can even seek the services of five professionals simultaneously, provided you can pay.

Before settling on any service provider, thoroughly research them and know more about their career background to determine their suitability for the job. Take note of their industry experience level, overall success rate, and ability to finish assigned tasks on time.

What Makes the Trustify Private Investigator Network Unique?

There is a network of private investigators that clients can choose from. At one time, over 2000 private investigators signed up for the service. Detectives are available to work on all projects, even those that may take weeks or months to complete. Trustify detectives will be honest when measuring and assessing case requests. They will report only on the information or uncovered data and will not “sugarcoat” the results to suit a certain outcome. No stone will be left unturned during investigations. All evidence is first brought to the table and proved correct before a detailed case analysis is presented for review by the client.

Since the service is available 24/7, it can be used even in emergencies where time is of the essence. For instance, in a situation where a wife suspects her husband is cheating with another woman. Then, she can contact a private investigator to investigate his behavior or activity patterns. Detectives will gather the necessary information from the client and act quickly to uncover the truth.

Reportedly, service providers are assured of a regular supply of work to keep them busy at all times. There’s always a high demand for Trustify Private Investigator Network detective roles since most individuals trust this agency to meet their needs. Additionally, the company has a fully-fledged app that can be downloaded on a smartphone, meaning that users don’t have to open the website directly from a computer whenever they need assistance.

The Trustify mobile app can be found on Apple’s iTunes Store; your phone needs sufficient storage capacity to save it. The app connects you with a nationwide network of fully vetted and highly trained investigators; these detectives are only a click away and ready to take up any case.

The company recently launched a Law Firm Channel on its platform, giving attorneys unlimited access to private detectives nationwide. This new program is driven by an ever-increasing demand for reasonably priced, transparent, and simplified methods of utilizing private investigators in court cases related to custody, divorce, personal injury, criminal defense, insurance fraud, and other issues.

Until they revolutionized this industry, only the nation’s largest law firms and their respective clients had the financial means to find and recruit high-quality detectives. Trustify Private Investigator Network was the first technology platform linking consumers with affordable, certified professionals in this field. Lawyers are already expressing satisfaction and approval for the new Law Firm Channel, which promises to simplify their work. The investigations help them provide better and more operative legal representation for clients at affordable rates than before.

Since its launch in Washington, DC, Trustify has continued to elicit reviews from various media circles nationwide. CNN recently reported how some of its detectives accessed the information of nearly 32 million users of Ashley Madison, a site where random people are actively looking for affairs. For more information about the services offered by the company, feel free to visit their official website. Also, we recommend you do a Google search on Trustify itself, as the company has received much press coverage since this article was written.

Please comment below if you have questions about the Trustify Private Investigator Network.

Important Note: Before hiring an investigator, we highly recommend speaking directly to the investigator assigned to your case. Ask specific questions about the work that will be performed and get a clear understanding of the costs involved. We also recommend verifying their license with the appropriate state licensing agency. You can find links to each state licensing authority in our Private Investigator Licensing section and more advice in our article List of Tips for Hiring a Private Investigator.

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Michael Kissiah is the owner of Brandy Lane Publishing, LLC, which owns and operates a small portfolio of websites, including Michael created more than 20 years ago after working as a private investigator in the state of Florida. Since that time, he has become an expert at how to find information online and has written over 1000 articles on topics related to the investigation industry. In addition, he is the author of the "Private Investigator Licensing Handbook", available at


  1. I do believe a formal complaint to wage and hour and the Attorney General’s offices for each
    state they are operating in is in order. Mr. Danny Boise, Elizabeth and several account managers
    are running a scam and there is enough of these reviews to prove a scheme to defraud.

  2. Avoid this scam of a company. They do not pay their investigators who they hire as subcontractors. The owner has no law enforcement or investigative experience. Do an internet search of them and their owner Danny Boice. Scammers and criminals.

  3. Unlicensed “broker” Trustify, soliciting PI services in Virginia, DC and MD. Additionally, they do not pay when invoiced, and are not a licensed PI or Detective business! Regulations state, any person soliciting security or private investigations or detective business, by word, act or deed, must be licensed to do so, and clearly display their busienss license ID on any advertising material (website). Trustify is not licensed! Loop holes or not, they are sending PIs into DC, VA and MD who are not even supposed to conduct investigations as individuals in those states. Trustify is in violation, so do not answer their calls for PI. You could be sanctioned and banned from working in the security services. They charge clients (means they get paid for service) $100 per hour and give the PI $30 of it, don’t pay mileage, perdiem or actual hours worked. The PI is at extreme risk of getting locked up if caught by LE operating illegally in DC, MD or VA with no license. A report has been sent to DCJS. Don’t do it PIs!

    HPS is a licensed and insured Private Investigations, Business in Virginia. HPS was absolutely, unequivocally ripped off by Trustify. Their website leads you to believe they are detectives.

    Trustify is not, is not, is not a licensed and insured Private Investigations business, and cannot, cannot, cannot solicit by word, act or deed, any, any, any private investigations services (even advertise on a web site) in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Loopholes drummed up by their shady attorneys or not. The law is the law, regardless.

    Yet Trustify, solicits, by word act or deed, (advertises on their website) to the general public, private investigations services and absolutely are in serious violation of the Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) regulations.

    Trustify also solicits by word, act or deed private investigative services in the District of Columbia and does not, does not have a DC Detective business licenses.

    Trustify also solicits by word, act or deed private investigative services in the state of Maryland and does not, does not, does not have a Maryland Detective business license.

    Trustify claims they only broker private investigative services across the United States but are not, are not, are not licensed in any state to do so. Trustify receives payment up front for private investigative services, before or after they contract with a client needing private investigative service, and then they call out for an available private investigator to take the case. Justify fails to inform these private investigators, they are unlicensed, and that the individual PI needs a license in the state they are going to be sent to work a case. This puts the investigator at extreme risk of being arrested if caught working without a license.

    HPS worked a RUSH case for Trustify, but because we are a licensed private investigations business, and we can take any case as long as there is a reciprocity agreement with Virginia. HPS was sent to Florida for a three-day missing persons, abduction case and Trustify refuses to pay HPS after we successfully solved the case. HPS spent over $1500 out of pocket and now we’re eating the bill.

    Avoid Trustify at all cost, they cheat the investigators, operate unlicensed and steal services. Absolutely the shadiest company HPS has ever worked for. HPS has notified DCJS and now they are under investigations at this time. Let them blow their money attempting to sue HPS, what we wrote is true, so they won’t make a dime.


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