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How to Find Cell Phone Records

Cell phone and mobile device companies keep a record of every call and text message sent from a registered number. It is fairly easy to get a record of your person cell phone usage. Simply call the mobile carrier’s support line, or login and view your account history online. However, if you need someone else’s phone records, it will require assistance from law enforcement and you must obtain legal permission to do so through the appropriate legal process in your jurisdiction.

There are several reasons why you may need to access your own or someone else’s cell phone records. Here are a few methods to get your hands on cell phone history.

Accessing personal telephone records

If you are on a monthly plan with your cell phone service provider then you might want to go through your billing statement. More often than not, cell phone service companies provide a detailed list of calls and messages made. A list of numbers dialed and contacted is given in the bill, usually with time period of call, date and time of call made.

In case you are unable to locate your monthly billing statement, or are a prepaid customer, you can have the cell phone company provide you with a list of numbers contacted. However, this service comes at the price of a minimal fee. All you need do is contact your service provider and request for the information from a representative, after passing through a few security checks like registered full name and address, cell phone number, date of birth, Social Security Number etc.Alternatively you can log on to your cell phone service provider’s website and register an account that allows immediate access to your cell phone records.

Accessing a family member’s cell phone records

If you need to uncover records for one of your family members, it is a fairly simple process if you share the same cell phone plan. If so, then just follow the process used to get access to your own cell phone records. Check your monthly cell phone bill, or register an online account to get instant access to real time phone records.

If you do not share a same phone plan however, you will need to contact the service provider used and answer necessary security information, explaining that you are the parent or spouse of the person concerned. If the phone company refuses to give out the information, you might have to resort to getting a court letter or subpoena to access the records.

Requesting cell phone records during a court case

If you are fighting a case in court, and the case demands access to cell phone records, then you can access the information by means of a subpoena. A legal subpoena is only applicable if the cell phone records help prove certain interactions made, are different from what the opposing party claims to be.

Employing a phone records service

A number of online websites now offer access to complete cell phone records, at a moderate fee. However, these websites are best used as last resort after all previous methods have proved unsuccessful.

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