How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Private Investigator?

How much is it to hire a private investigator

One of the most common questions people ask is – “How much does it cost to hire a private investigator?” The cost to hire a private investigator varies widely based on such factors as the particular investigation services you need and the amount of time involved in the case.

Investigative services vary widely in their complexity as do their costs. For example, a missing person search might be as easy as a simple Google search. Or, it could take months or even years of online searching, personal interviews, travel to other states, etc. Also, geographic location will have an impact on the prices. You should expect to pay more for a private investigator in markets where the cost of living is expensive, such as New York or San Francisco.

Other factors that may affect the price are: the number of investigators assigned to the case, the risk involved, need for specialized equipment and travel expenses.

Private investigators provide a wide variety of services that range from very simple to extremely complex. So, the first step in hiring a private investigator and assessing the cost, is to have a clear understanding of why you need their services. The most clear and specific you can be regarding your needs, the better you will be able to nail down the actual cost. Following is an overview of the costs that may be involved in hiring a private investigator. It is important to understand that not all of these costs will be included in every case.


Some private investigators will charge an up front fee called a retainer. A retainer fee is similar to a deposit, which can be applied toward future work. The amount of the retainer will vary depending on the agency, market and the type of case. Make sure you clearly understand whether a retainer fee is required, and how the money will be applied toward investigative work.

Flat Fee Pricing vs. Hourly Rate Pricing

Most private investigators charge an hourly rate for services such as surveillance or investigating a cheating spouse.  These rates are often negotiable, so be sure to agree on a price before hiring the PI to do the work.  Private Eyes usually charge a flat fee for services such as: a background check, missing person locate, court document retrieval, or processing serving.

Hourly Rate Data Studies

  • According to a study conducted by Angie’s List, the average cost to hire a private investigator in the United States is $50 per hour.
  • According to a study conducted by Thumbtack in 2017, the average cost to hire a private investigator was $70 per hour.
  • According to Trustify, the average cost ranges between $40 and $200 per hour, depending on the complexity of the job.

Market Differences May Affect Pricing

The cost to hire a private investigator will vary depending on the market or geographic area being served. Prices will tend to be higher in metropolitan areas due to such factors as licensing, insurance, transportation, office space, etc.

Investigation Experience and Expertise

The cost of hiring a private investigator can vary widely based on the experience level of the private investigator.  A private eye with an extensive career involving military or government intelligence, or a career in law enforcement will tend to be more expensive than someone just getting into the business.

Expenses and Miscellaneous Fees

Depending on your individual agreement and the needs of your case, a private investigator may ask you to cover any expenses associated with the case. Expenses associated with an investigation case may include travel expenses (gas, mileage, etc.), supplies, and communication costs (phone calls, text messages, etc.).

Travel Expenses

If travel is involved during the case, most investigators will charge these expenses back to you. Depending on where the case leads, investigators may have to travel within the local area, to other states, and even internationally. Examples of travel expenses include:

  • Mileage, gas and parking fees
  • Tickets for travel via plane, bus, train, boat, etc.

For more information, see our List of Tips for Hiring a Private Investigator. Once you are ready to proceed, visit our Private Investigator Directory to find a list of agencies in your area.

If you have any questions about the cost to hire a private investigator, please post a message below.


  1. I need to hire a PI or nodyguard to escort my wife to a business meeting one day this Summer in Malaysia . She is to meet with a man to recover money he owes her and refuses to see her if I accompany her . I do not trust him but she is determined to meet with him . I relly want to protrect my wife . If anyone out there can assist I will be very grateful . Thank you for your resonse . JRS

  2. I would like to hire someone to locate people from public real estate records. I need them to get a confirmed phone number and a completed questionnaire.

  3. My husband and I would like to hire an investigator in the Southwest Georgia area for email hacking and to inquire about your rates.

  4. I am inquiring to hire a PI to help gain child visitation order and end a guardianship. Reason to believe that the guardians are endangering these kids by having them around a child molester.

  5. I would like to inquire about surveillance services on a possibly cheating husband. The investigator should be reside in buenos Aires or cordoba. I want to ask about hourly flat rates in pesos.
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