Popup Blocker and PopUp Agent Software for Blocking Unwanted Browser Ads

pop-up blocker software

High-tech, Intelligent Popup and Ad Blocking Software

Pop-up Blocker Software is the latest in intelligent popup blocking software combined with privacy protection tools for blocking annoying pop-ups and ads before they reach your web browser.  PopupAgent software kills and stops ad pop-ups from annoying you and wasting your browsing time on the web.
PopupAgent also provides one-click access to clearing your internet histories and tracks, as well as managing and monitoring your cookies. Check out PopupAgent’s awesome software features below:

Popup Ad Blocking

PopupAgent has a sophisticated and intelligent blocking engine that blocks annoying popups.  It blocks pop ups for any web-browser, advertising from popular hosting firms, and Messenger Service popups.

Customizable Black List

PopupAgent also allows you to block websites that you do not want viewed on your PC via its customizable black list.

PopupAgent software comes with over 5,700 predefined entries for blocking common advertising networks.

Customizable White List

Don’t want PopupAgent to block certain sites or pop ups? Add the site’s address to the white list and it will not get blocked.  You can also add sites to the white list with a single press of PopupAgent’s white list hotkey.

File History Clearing

PopupAgent software has an easy access privacy menu for clearing your Internet Explorer history, temporary files, cache, and cookies. This menu also lets you clear the Start Menu history and Recent Documents history.

Saves Internet Bandwidth

The PopupAgent product features a unique bandwidth saving feature that allows you to block advertising banners and sites from over 5,700 advertising networks, thus speeding up your surfing experience.

Note: We no longer offer this product through our affiliate sales program. Most modern web browsers have blocking technology built directly into the browser, rendering such separate software products obsolete.


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