Pepper Spray and Mace for Police Use and Personal Protection


What is Pepper Spray?

Pepper spray (which is also known as mace, OC spray, OC gas, capsicum spray, or oleoresin capsicum) is a chemical agent that, when sprayed, irritates the eyes and causes such painful physical symptoms as tears, pain, difficult breathing, runny nose, coughing and even temporary blindness.  Pepper spray and mace are used by law enforcement in many situations including riot control, crowd control, suspect apprehension and personal self-defense. The physical effects of the spray on the individual cause temporary debilitation, which helps police officers gain control of unruly situations. Police also use TASERs for similar purposes, but usually only in more extreme circumstances.

The chemical is also used by private citizens as a self defense and personal protection tool. The chemical spray is most often carried by women.

The active ingredient in pepper spray is capsaicin, which is a chemical derived from the fruit of plants in the Capsicum genus, including chilies. In some cases, the spray can be lethal, especially when the dosage is excessive and in cases where the sprayed individual has heart problems, a respiratory illness, etc..

The duration of the effects of pepper spray depend on the strength and amount of the chemical sprayed, but the average full effect lasts around thirty to forty-five minutes, with diminished effects lasting up to several hours. The long-term effects of the spray have not been adequately researched.

Packaging / Storage

Pepper spray typically comes in canisters, which are often small enough to be carried or concealed in a pocket or purse. The self defense spray can also be bought concealed in items such as key rings or watches. Many people carry it attached to their key chain for quick availability when needed, such as when walking to their car at night. There are also pepper spray projectiles available, which can be fired from a paintball gun.

Buy Pepper Spray and Mace

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Private investigators may use the chemical as a personal self defense tool, or when providing personal protection services for their clients. Investigators may also consult on its use when teaching clients how to protect themselves. Either way, it is helpful to be knowledgeable about the different types and how to use them properly.


  1. OC and Mace are two different Agents. Mace is the outdated and seldom used CN Agent. OC is the natural extract of Cayenne Pepper. OC is very safe to use and would not harm anyone unless other circumstances were involved such as heart problems , drug abuse etc.


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