NetVisor Network Surveillance Software Program for Computer Activity Monitoring

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Centralized Network Surveillance and Monitoring

NetVizor Network Surveillance Software is the latest in powerful network surveillance that allows you to monitor your entire network from one centralized location, and track workstations and individual users that may use multiple computer on a network.

Combining real-time remote surveillance with individual user monitoring and security auditing, NetVizor is the most comprehensive network monitoring and administration solution available.  NetVisor provides an impressive list of features that record all activity on all computers on the network:

The program provides a keylogging feature that logs the keystrokes that are typed on the keyboard. In addition, it records the URL or website address of all the websites that have been visited on the PC. In addition, it also notes the number of times the device was connected to the internet. So, not only can you tell what websites were visited, you can tell how often someone is visiting the web. This is great for monitoring employee behavior, especially when internet use is limited or severely discourage.

In a similar manner, it makes a list of the software applications that were run on the device.

  • Makes a record of the files and documents that were opened
  • Records chat conversations and messages
  • Keeps track of the windows that were opened
  • Logs Email Activity
  • Real-time Remote Monitoring
  • Real-time Remote Control
  • Browse File Systems
  • Built-In Content Filtering
  • Roving User Tracking
  • Remote Computer Viewer
  • Remote Security Auditing
  • Disables any spyware detection software that was installed on the PC
  • Stealth Network Install
  • and much more

Visit the Net Visor website for more information about its capabilities, compatibility, features and instructions for use.

Please note that provides the above for informational purposes only. We have not tested this product to see if it lives up to the claims made by the developer or reseller. In addition, we do not endorse the product or suggest that you buy it. We encourage you to investigate the product more, by visiting the manufacturer’s website and by searching for online reviews, before making a purchase.


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