Nest Cam: A Review of the Best Selling Home Security Camera

Nest Cam Security Camera
The Nest Security Camera

Overview Of the Nest Cam Security Camera

The Nest Cam security camera is a popular remote home monitoring system with easy do-it-yourself installation. It has quickly overtaken and improved upon the Dropcam Pro after Amazon bought out this brand.

This camera provides continuous live streaming directly through your internet connection. You can access the Nest Cam 24 hours a day through a smartphone application that works with the camera (available for iOS and Android).

What Users Like About the Camera

Mainly, reviewers rave about the quality of the image. The Nest Cam uses a 100 percent pure glass lens that provides a crystal clear, high-resolution (1080p) 130-degree panoramic view. In addition, the camera has an impressive night vision mode. The night vision mode lets you see a clear image of an entire room in total darkness.

Also, users like the simplicity and functionality of the smartphone app. The app can pan and zoom the image remotely, thus revealing even more detail than a static image normally would (this does not physically move the camera).

You can customize motion detection alerts and sound alerts via your cell phone. The Nest Cam uses advanced technology to distinguish between background noise (traffic noise or wind rustling through the trees outside) and foreground noise (like a window break-in or a baby crying). It distinguishes between background movement (like tree branches swaying outside a window) and foreground movement (like a cat jumping on your couch).

The base of the video camera makes the set-up highly flexible and easy. It can sit the cam on a flat tabletop, and the neck swivels into your desired position. The home security protection device also has a strong magnetic ring on the base, so you can easily attach it to a metal object such as a file cabinet or refrigerator. A wall mount can be easily attached to a standard tripod mount.

What Users Don’t Like

The one significant downside users have noted is that you can only receive up to one sound or motion alert every thirty minutes. However, the continuous recording stays in the cloud if you are subscribed to Nest Aware.

The Nest Cam does not provide local storage of video and sound. Both can be stored in the cloud using the “Nest Aware” service for only $10 per month. You get a 30-day free trial to try out this service when you purchase the cam. You can add additional cams to the service for $5 per month.

How to use the Nest Cam

The remote video surveillance camera is far more than a security cam detecting burglars, vandals, trespassers, and other unwanted intruders (like the neighbor’s cat digging up your flowers or the rabbit getting past your garden fence somehow). It can help you monitor your children, elderly family members, pets, bird feeders, and farm animals (you could determine how predators get your chickens). You can also check up on babysitters, pet sitters, dog walkers, nosy neighbors, handymen, service people, and deliveries.

Not only can you see what’s happening remotely, but you can also listen in and speak directly to the people and animals in the room. For example, you could remotely comfort your cat or dog during a thunderstorm or verbally tell them to stop scratching your furniture. The home security monitoring tool will even allow you to regulate your thermostat remotely when integrated with the Nest Thermostat, which must be purchased separately.

How Much Does the Nest Cam Cost?

The Nest Cam is priced to fit almost any budget. It can be purchased for under two hundred dollars, usually with an exact price tag of $199.99. If you search the internet for a “nest cam discount code,” you can often find coupons for up to $100 off. Even if you can’t find a half-price promotional coupon, you can almost always find one for ten to thirty percent off. You can also save about $100 if you buy a three-pack. Once you learn how well the video surveillance device works, ¬†you’ll want to protect other areas of your home. Buying in bulk makes great sense.

Where To Buy the Equipment

The Nest Cam security camera can be purchased at many retail stores and online outlets. These include Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, Target, Sam’s Club, Amazon, the Google Store, the Apple Store, and the company’s online store. Most online outlets that sell the Cam security camera offer free shipping.

Also, you can find both new and used Cams on eBay. For some people, a retail outlet is the best place to buy a video surveillance device. A good example is Best Buy, where you can check out the demo they have set up. However, you can often find a better price if you search for discount codes and buy online.

Parts and Accessories

There are several accessories you can purchase separately. The Nest Thermostat allows you to regulate your thermostat remotely. A smoke and carbon monoxide detector will work with your video security monitoring system and send you alerts if a problem is detected. Weatherproof outdoor enclosures are also available, with a heat sink to cool down your cam in hot weather.

These can be used not only for security (like who is stealing your newspaper, mail, or delivery packages). Also, for things such as seeing what wildlife may be visiting your property, which owl species are hooting at night, determining how the bears are getting into your garbage at night, or watching a bird feeder remotely. You can also buy longer USB power cables or various extended mounting arms if needed.

The security camera has become the gold standard for internet-connected DIY home security and monitoring systems. It is the #1 best seller on Amazon in the remote home monitoring systems category, with more than 1700 reviews. It is also highly affordable on almost any budget.

Questions and Comments

If you have any questions or comments, please post a message below. Also, learn about the Nest Secure Alarm System and other Home Security Systems.

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nest-cam-security-camera-review Overview Of the Nest Cam Security Camera The Nest Cam security camera is a popular remote home monitoring system with easy do-it-yourself installation. It has quickly overtaken and improved upon the Dropcam Pro after Amazon bought out this brand. This camera provides continuous live streaming directly...


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